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Documentary: How the Pentagon Censors the Movies
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Documentary: How the Pentagon Censors the Movies
This is an interesting short clip on the relationship between Hollywood and the Department of Defense.

The TLDR: The Pentagon offers movie producers free access to military bases and equipment in exchange for allowing the military to influence the film, in which a specialized department at the Pentagon is dedicated to, in order to aid in recruitment efforts and government propaganda. Films that show the military in a negative light, such as Apocalypse Now, are denied these benefits. This allows the government to influence the public as well as increase the profit margin for the producers.

Top Gun, while one of my favorite movies, was actually a military operation. They put up recruiting booths in the cinema lobby after it was released.

We all know where this conversation is going to (((go)))...

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RE: Documentary: How the Pentagon Censors the Movies
This is not much different than the Pentagon hiring advertising agencies for recruiting, sponsoring NASCAR, or doing fly-overs of NFL games.

I didn't buy the First Amendment viewpoint discrimination argument. The government has points of view which are politically endorsed and controlled by Congress and the Executive. One point of view is promoting military service and recruitment. It should have some different means to express its point of view. Cooperation is disclosed, and it's easy to see which movies are propagandistic. Just because the government funds Smokey the Bear doesn't mean it has to fund an artist in favor of torching all the forests. That's not censorship.

Congress could control it by denying funding to this Film Office and supporting activities.

By the way, the Apocalypse Now production paid millions to Marcos for the use of the Philippine Air Force.

I'm more concerned about Chinese censorship of Hollywood. They changed the plot and reshot a lot of the second Red Dawn movie to make the invaders North Korean and not Chinese. Which is ridiculous. So I guess the Chinese already won the war.
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RE: Documentary: How the Pentagon Censors the Movies
Didn't Kubrick trick them into helping him with Dr. Strangelove, and they didn't realize it was an anti-war movie at first?
03-30-2019 06:38 PM
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