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Sex means nothing
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RE: Sex means nothing
(04-05-2019 03:54 PM)Unikorn Wrote:  
(04-04-2019 08:25 PM)Batman_ Wrote:  The "thrill of the chase" is the same exact phenomenon as "chasing the dragon", "chasing the carrot", etc. It's dopamine - people don't seem to understand how it works. Dopamine is not a "pleasure chemical", (that would actually fall to endogenous morphine aka endorphins, which has a rather intricate relationship with dopamine itself.

Dopamine causes you to SEEK something you think is valuable. Food, sex, drugs, porn, etc. It doesn't have to be valuable and may even make your life worse (porn), but your brain doesn't care. As you get closer to your goal, dopamine levels raise. Once you've completed your goal, dopamine levels plummet. I don't think there's any system in nature that eliminates dopamine faster than sex.

Once you're done with the act you're left to see things for what they truly are, which in most cases is cumming into a wet hole (or a latex wrapper in a wet hole). If you do not enjoy the company of the women you're with, you end up confronted the fact that you wasted all of your time and energy for nothing.

For this reason, I can understand your situation OP. You may simply have lower baseline levels of dopamine (aka introverted), and thus experience much weaker highs and much stronger lows. In my experience this happens more in sex than anything else. The problem is that sometimes it's hard to know if actually you like a girl until you have sex with her, so it makes the whole process a bit confusing.

I don't really have a solution, but I think this is very normal. I have experienced very intense depression after almost every girl I've fucked, with a few exceptions. The exceptions were not based on how hot they were but on how much I actually liked the girl. I often lose interest in casual sex unless the girl is really hot (and even that doesn't mean the sex will be any better).

Super useful experience bro
Thank you a lot

The only thing he omitted from that great post is that while dopamine is definitely the seeking chemical, which some might more accurately labeling "motivating", it doubles as a mood enhancer. This is confirmed by his anecdotal depression after sex. My [medical] opinion is that what we call depression is (in part, from an organic point of view) best described as dopamine imbalances therefore, having a relationship with serotonin, but serotonin is not the cause. There are many reasons for this, but it can easily be traced also to the man who saw the correlation in the 1970s, and then later in the Lancet said serotonin wasn't the cause of depression. Too late, the industry already had SSRIs in full force (by the way they can "work" for some conditions, just not how people think).

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04-12-2019 07:03 PM
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RE: Sex means nothing
(04-02-2019 04:34 AM)Unikorn Wrote:  I started in game 1,5 years ago and since then i started being pretty successful with girls. Game + improving my shape (aesthetics and fitness) made me pretty decent on it

AFTER a while of having sex pretty easily i realized that sex meant nothing to me.
I just wanted to improve and becoming better and better in GAME. I "like" sex because it means i am doing decent in game and for ego reasons but now sex means "nothing" to me, i do not enjoy it as much as i did before.

Sometimes it is frustrating but others makes me feel great because i am not as sex dependent as i was back in the days

I guess this is not normal, so what are ur advices about it? Is this a big problem i need to fix?
Do some of you go through this at any time?

Thank you in advance GUYSS

As I red blooded male, I cannot relate at allConfused
04-15-2019 03:53 PM
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