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Bienvenuto runs again. (3 month Goal.)
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Bienvenuto runs again. (3 month Goal.)

Forum member Bienvenuto fixes his injuries and is able to run again as a form of regular exercise.


Injuries from gang attack years ago.


Overtight ITB and short tendons. Left knee tracks externally, catching against bones, very painful.
The spinal response is that the nerves to my left quadriceps automatically switch off my quadriceps contractions:

Left quadriceps is wasted and undeveloped. Left leg becomes very weak.


Left leg underused, Left quadriceps does not contact properly.


Left calf does not fire correctly, even at maximum effort it is only 70% engaged.

Left Glutes do not fire properly, leading to unstable and weak left leg and balance.


over-reliance on Right Leg every second of every day of every month for years and years.


Far stronger and overworked Right Side of body.


Swollen and ragged ankle and knee joints in Right Leg.


Overused and disproportionately strong Right side of body.


skull plates fused from massive trauma,

pars defect, small bones in my spine broken, 

Ribs ‘frozen’ and not moving properly.

Diaphragm ‘frozen’ and not moving properly.


my femoral nerve gets caught meaning that when I use my right leg a lot now it seizes and I get contractions and burning in my right torso.

These last few days even coughing has led to contractions and pain.

Sitting here typing this I can feel the burn and pain in my right stomach.

discs in my neck out of alignment, ligament problems,

>>>I haven’t been able to run for over 10 years.



Step 1.
Find good physios with world class athletes on their books.


Step 2.
Get in depth testing and an approved workout plan.


Relocate to a place, setting and time where I can attack this problem without interruptions or distractions.

Step 3. 

Get my left knee cap tracking properly.

Voodoo bands, compression and compression on joint foam rolling. Stretching and re-stretching ligaments mustles and tendons.

Step 4:
Fire up my Left quadriceps, Left calf, Left Glutes.


Day 1. heavy weights for short intensive bursts. Followed by hundreds of lighter repetitions.

Day 2. Day of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) - retraining the nervous system.

DOMS greatly enhances the amount of stimulation the nervous system gets.
Thousands of repetitions on this day trains the alignment, balance and instincts of my left leg.

Day 3.
Mobility work and rest. Voodoo bands, Yoga, Distractions, stretches as active rest.

Rinse and Repeat.

Step 4 (Concurrent)
Free Femoral nerve impingement.

Probably the hardest thing to do.

Also probably the most important.


A trapped femoral nerve means that lifting the leg toward the torso or pushing the leg away from the torso causes pain and contractions.

Even if I had a good left leg I still cant do sit ups, squat thrusts, burpees, dead lifts, squats, 

> If I mastur b ate it gets 5 times worse ..

a trapped femoral nerve means that I can't masturbate without exacerbating my internal injuries. 

Any jerking undoes the work done to stretch those internal muscles and causes pain and spasm.

Last night, here in Phnom Penh, I was fucking a chick pile driver, pulling out and giving myself a few tugs to make sure I was rigid before going back in.
Result? Pain and contraction.

How to fix?

3 types of ‘couch stretch’. Hundred s of reps.

“Nerve flossing” - a different, subtler kind of stretch - again, rep it out.

Also NO FAP. No ‘edging’ … not even a little.

Probably the most important and hardest part of what I must do.

Its like being a monk.

Step 5. (concurrent)

Strengthen much weaker Left side of torso.


3 methods.

1. “Perturbation” Dipping movements with affected left leg whilst pulling on cable in tiny motions for long periods with right arm.
 Hits left trunk.

2. Side lying exercises to hit left trunk.

3. Dumbell work to strengthen left arm and shoulder girdle.

Step 6. (concurrent)

Free up and strengthen neck.


A shit ton of flexibility and strengthening work.


I live alone.
I pay $50 rent a month for a house with a garden here in Rural Vietnam. Utilities negligible.
Got a fridge and a little hot plate.
Outside washing station and sink.

Just jacked my job in order to focus full time on doing this.

My Neighbours are nosy fuckers to the point of coming into my house when they want to know my business.
I have worked at telling them in no uncertain terms when I need to be left alone.

They are getting the message.

Dangers - Isolation, depression, growing disconnection from fellow man. Too much pressure on myself alongside loneliness with little outlet for fun or socialisation.

Opportunities - Uninterrupted time. Thats a big one. Can just keep ploughing a furrow uninterruptedly for as long as I wish.

In my job I would free up some fascia around my rib cage or sticking abdominal muscles and would hardly be able to walk properly or breath right later at work.

I now have the chance to work hard and recover when necessary.

Distractions: My Plan:

Massively reduce social media use and messaging and so cut down distractions, brain washing, lack of concentration power.

1. Get sim card for cheap plastic ring and SMS phone. (Done.)
2. Move into house with No Internet installed.(Done)
a pretty solitary life which leads to living on Social Media as compensation and the plan is to just chill out without going down the Youtube, Facebook rabbit hole.
3. Smart phone/ internet use reserved for every few days.

Early days but I can see how much time I normally waste going off on distractive internet tangents.

I feel for the people I see around me I see constantly hunched over and slaves to their little phones. My brain stem is no different and I get just as addicted.

Hoping that this will free me up to get closer to my goals.

The social media / screen-time break is very important to me.


In 3 months I will be able to introduce running again into my work out program.

I will be able to run for the bus without paying for it for the next few days.

In the long term I will be able to introduce things like playing pickup sports (soccer, touch rugby,) circuit training, weight training into my life again.

>>Some members have complained about ‘gay ass’ work out diaries cluttering up the forum.

I understand the frustration perhaps but I’m in a position where its me against my injuries and I have no people or support structure around and so its useful to have some kind of public forum where I can record my progress and hold myself accountable.

I plan to update about once a week<<

This has been a long time coming and setting up.

Wish me luck.
04-14-2019 03:15 AM
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RE: Bienvenuto runs again. (3 month Goal.)
Good luck Brother!

Have you narrowed down the cause of the femoral nerve impingement? If it’s muscular, it’s probably due to psoas - especially if the quadraceps are compromised, psoas becomes the primary mover during everyday scooting about. When this muscle is over contracted it will cause a nagging (though it can be sharp at times after sitting for a long time) the length of the lumbar spine, as well as in the groin.

With who you’re working with I’m sure they’ve started addressing it. At home, you can grab yourself a kettlebell (or a Psorite, google it) and lay on top of the handle. Position it about 2-3 inches to the left of your navel, digging into the lower left quadrant of the abdominals. By shifting your weight here and there you should be able to dig into the muscle - your organs will move out of the way. You can use this for self release before doing your couch stretches.

If you have any questions, shoot me a PM, I’ld be happy to help in any way I can. This is in my wheelhouse, I work on the soft-tissue side of things.
04-14-2019 07:59 PM
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RE: Bienvenuto runs again. (3 month Goal.)
Thanks Pal,

The femoral nerve impingement seems to be solely muscular. Its on the right side// my right leg.

One of my physios was a little dismayed by the idea that the psoas is as accessible as people think it is. He took a long time digging down with his fingers until he was almost touching my spine and every time he did my heart started burning and gripping: "the-e-re.. that's your psoas!" he said each time he made contact.

He was pretty derisive about previous physios and experts who had told me I was contacting or they were contacting my psoas when , in fact, across the many many I had seen they were doing nothing of the sort.

He wanted me to be very aggressive about getting in and breaking up the tissue but my other physio, who is more qualified on nervous system issues, believes that that approach runs the risk of causing pancreatititis. He defers to her opinion.

The compromise is alot of the same approach but with a softer ball in advance of stretching.
04-16-2019 03:31 AM
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RE: Bienvenuto runs again. (3 month Goal.)
I said I'd update weekly..

ALot of these diaries tend to start out strong and peter out.

They tend to start .. went there, lifted this .. did this .. 3 X 12 X 85kg etc.

Sometimes they stop updating before the stated goal is reached.

Im hoping that this diary goes the opposite way.


I've done jack shit.

Simplified my life to the point where I'm stuck in a hot box in the middle of the countryside with a fan that stopped working and a fridge that just quit and a bike that keeps quitting on me.

So its just me, a long walk on dirt roads to the shops and food and water and a losing battle against rats and insects. I like cockroaches, lizards and frogs as they eat the bad things but the fucking ants and rats can do one.

So.. spend my time depressed and lying on my thin mattress sweating my balls off and failing to switch off my smart phone.

Rather use every dating app to end up talking to Milfs (possibly married) and middle aged single mothers who live in straw huts and send me snaps of their cows and crop (seriously). They have a phone but no transport..

These aren't appropriate or even serious plates.. some lonely female security guard in tiny hamlet 100 miles away.. they are just displacement activities whilst I get my head around actually DOING the shit I set out to do.

My next update should be less colourful and more detailed about genuine achievements
04-21-2019 09:34 AM
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