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Government and the family unit
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Government and the family unit
There was a thread made regarding what would you do if you were dictator of America. Many people made honorable statements by promoting laws in order to promote families in America. So I wanted to make a thread regarding the government’s role in the family unit. Many people were suggesting making laws that teach younger generations to stay together and chastity. I believe the best way the government influences the family unit is through its taxation laws. I have been doing some research about this topic. This post will be using taxation rules in Canada but generally they are similar to every other western nation.

First thing I have noticed is how child tax benefits are made just to promote single mothers and certain voting blocs just to reproduce but not hard workers who actually contribute to the system. Having a discussion with my older brother, he broke down how stupid the system is. My brother and my sister-law work full time and are raising a wonderful family. They both work but because they are over a certain income bracket (they would be middle class) they do not receive any benefits. However our accountant showed how my sister in law would get all the benefits if she separated from my brother. Instead of promoting a family unit, the government is trying to destroy hardworking families and promote single motherhood. Of course the total income of a family will be higher than that of an individual yet they still follow the same tax bracket laws of an individual (the brackets only change slightly).

Going to tangent here and explain how this benefits certain voting blocks. Our cousin has not paid taxes in his life yet gets 2000 grand a month for having 4 kids. All he does are cash jobs so that he does not pay any taxes and through the child benefits program makes as much income as my older brother. Which is sad because my brother and his wife are paying a bit more than 2000 a month in taxes. This is why socialism fails and is morally wrong because it is slavery. My older brother is a slave to the government paying out our cousin’s benefits. It’s infuriating to think that my brother and his wife worked so hard to get where they are but my cousin makes as much as them. And then the cycle will continue because my cousin's children will follow the same path their parents did and just abuse the system. All Muslim people do this and they don't really assimilate. A good example would be the Somali communities that came mostly during the 90s yet are still following the same welfare cycles (and they always vote liberal).

Another way the government laws destroy the family unit is because of child support. I remember a thread whether to raw dog or not but guys if you get a girl pregnant you are financially screwed. Yesterday I hung out with a friend and he explained to me his pregnancy scare. It was a false alarm but he was terrified. So we both joked around on how much income he would lose and I wondered how much would you actually pay out. Basically this system is made to ruin a man financially. By using the calculator you can calculate the income someone has to pay. Using a 50k income I saw 2 things. First child support is calculated on your pre-taxed income. So you will be forced to pay on money that the government takes away from you too. Second I realized how your child support payments go up as much as your income increases. Wait! Shouldn't child support payments be so that the child has an adequate life and his needs are met? Using the 50k income as a base you pay around 450 a month. I feel like for one child; the cost of food, clothing and entertainment is met really well with this. However if you make a 100k then the monthly payment doubles as well. So it costs 900 dollars to raise a child? I do not like to swear but this is the most fucked up thing I learned. The government is actively trying to hurt a man even if he able to achieve success. A set child payment would make sense. Not only this but the female would be able to get this support AND still get child tax benefits from the government. Yes child support is not a taxable income. This is just madness. It gives anyone all the more reason just to leave their spouse or never even get one in the first place.

Don't want to make an essay (I could go on how government encouraging gay marriage has destroyed what marriage stood for) so I will let you guys give some points and discussion to occur.
04-21-2019 10:47 PM
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