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RE: Conservathots
Dupity Dupe Dupe:

Tradthots are a beaten horse for sure - and actions always speak louder than words, but you know this.

https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-60025...le figures6.html[/url]

"Go be fat on someone else's time" - Henry Rollins

"i fascisti si dividono in due categorie: i fascisti e gli antifascisti" (there are two types of fascists: fascists and anti-fascists)

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05-02-2019 11:20 AM
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RE: Conservathots
You certainly can't trust them if they aren't married with children.

Also this story is instructive https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ros...tie-mchugh

She doxed and betrayed multiple former "friends" when times got tough.

On a lighter note, I matched with one of these tradthots on hinge. I can only imagine the amount of thirsty messages she is getting on twitter daily, the ego must be horribly overinflated.
05-04-2019 06:12 AM
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RE: Conservathots
I remember one of these, The White Rose she named herself. Had some interesting videos too, some of them regarding the evils of pornography, and well researched.

AAAAAAAND.... One day it was discovered she used to be a cam whore... She vanished from the internet entirely. I knew those eyes looked crazy. Too bad, chick wasn't an idiot and was very interested in the South African question, as she was half SA.

Edit: Somehow her channel seems to be back up? Weird. Anyway, poor gal I guess. Not right in the head. Very attractive however. Smile

"Christian love bears evil, but it does not tolerate it. It does penance for the sins of others, but it is not broadminded about sin. Real love involves real hatred: whoever has lost the power of moral indignation and the urge to drive the sellers from temples has also lost a living, fervent love of Truth."

- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
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05-04-2019 07:19 PM
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Days of Broken Arrows
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RE: Conservathots
(04-25-2019 03:39 PM)Days of Broken Arrows Wrote:  I don't think they're just mindless attention whores. Several of them make good points I haven't heard elsewhere -- especially Candace Owens on the issue of how liberals treat minorities.

A society filled with thin, right-wing women who like attention would actually be an improvement over the one we have now.

Ever go to a shopping mall? They're filled almost entirely with clothing and jewelry stores for women. Make no mistake: Women have always wanted attention. The question is whether they get it from copping the right-wing Ann Coulter style or getting "inked" and whoring themselves on Instagram.

The solution to our problems is not more men following women.

"Does PUA say that I just need to get to f-close base first here and some weird chemicals will be released in her brain to make her a better person?"
05-04-2019 07:27 PM
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