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Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
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Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Hey guys, long time no see. So I finally made it to The Philippines, this place was probably #1 on my list for quite a while mostly because of all the stories of debauchery I read around here. Tomorrow concludes my 3 weeks here and here are my experiences.

A little about me: mid 20's, fit, white, advanced game, above avg. looks.

This is where my journey started. As soon as you leave the airport you'll be hit with the hot temperatures of this place. Don't pack anything warm or heavy, you won't need it - assuming you came here in the dry season, of course. First thing you should do is get a SIM card from the airport, it will cost you about $12 for 16GB of 4G(16mb/s down) internet. Tbh this has been one of the few services in here that actually worked, you will have internet at a relatively decent speed everywhere. Next thing you want to do is install "Grab" if you haven't already, it's like an Uber. You will also want to link your credit card to it, they consistently give you better fares if you pay by card and I had no issues with it.
Housing: You will want to stay near Uptown Mall. It's by far the cleanest area and you will have easy access to the best clubs: Revel and XYLO. You will also be near a lot of restaurants, cafes etc.
The downside is that you will have to travel quite a bit to reach the malls like SM and other stuff that's near the Bay. Now you might think to yourself "hell Don, i'm on vacation, who cares if I'll have to travel a bit actually it's a good thing!" - as the meme goes: Well yes, but actually no. The traffic is Manila was found by Waze to be the worst city to drive on Earth. I once did 2 hours for a 12km drive to Uptown. So keep in mind that the time, effort and cash required to travel between one spot and the other in this town is great. The Grab fare is very low compared to the West, but it quickly adds up and turns what's supposed to be a 'cheap trip' to a not so cheap trip. I think I ended up spending $150 in Grab fare in my 7 day stay in Manila. Now that might seem like a lot or like pennies to you but just remember that it's not something avoidable. What do I mean by that?

The reason why traffic is so bad in Manila is because they don't have public transport. Yes, you heard that right..no subway, no buses, no trams, no nothing except some abomination called Jeepneys. [Image: jeepney-in-manila-inquirer.jpg]
These things pollute like there's no tomorrow, the drivers are maniacs on the road and you'll see them filled to the brim with people, around 15-17 in one. However the main thing that's wrong with them as a means of transport is that riding in one is the equivalent of sucking a tailpipe. Since the traffic is so bad and there's so many cars out on the road that have old engines and bad emissions the air is unbreathable. You'll see a lot of people with masks on but I doubt they make too much of a difference. Now I hate to sound pretentious or anything but I'd never ride in one of these things so it will be Grab everywhere.

Food: The food here is terrible. Filipinos are so skinnyfat on average because they eat junk food all the time. You will mostly see KFC, McDonalds and Jollybee's everywhere. You won't have much luck at 7-11 either, it's mostly junk food there too. However, you will most likely find yourself at these restaurants anyway because the alternatives are much worse. I wouldn't recommend going to small restaurants or eating street food, these places are completely unsanitary and it's a surefire way to go down with food poisoning. That's not to say that you'll be safe eating at these name places either, I had spoiled meat at a Jollybee's here. My advice would be to get a nice hotel and order room service - if their restaurant is good of course. Trust me, eating the 50 pesos spaghetti at KFC is not good and neither are the $0.02 chicken balls that they serve in Divisoria. And you'll die of hunger and a heat stroke if you wonder around too much looking for something better. You can use Grab to send someone to get food for you, the fee is only 200 pesos($3.8)

Now onto the good part: How to get laid. In short: Tinder. Tinder worked great for me even without a witty bio or great pics. I think that getting Tinder premium would be a good investment and expect a lot of matches and a lot of girls opening you. You don't need much to get them to meetup with you either, just small talk and go for the WhatsApp asap. FilipinoCupid was overall a disappointment for me although I got I 2 bangs from it. In terms of nightlife I'd stick with XYLO and Revel but you don't have to do night game to get laid at all. The reason for sticking with these two is because if you got to other clubs in the Makati area and such you increase your chances of running into pros/freelancers/ladyboys. You want to be clearheaded and sharp in here, trust me. This is not the right place to get shitfaced and fuck around in.

Here's the thing about this place: Filipino girls almost seem to hate filipino guys. I can't tell you how many girls I met that scuffed when even thinking or talking about them. I don't mean to offend any Filipinos here but this is what I observed: They're mostly short, skinnyfat, beta and poor. Meanwhile their girls fantasize about all the KPop guys, the rappers, the american athletes, etc. So if you're from pretty much anywhere else other than PH, Thailand and Korea you'll be exotic to them and much more interesting than the regular guy.
What that translates into is a lot of attraction. Insane amounts of attraction. It means that 30 minute pulls are not an exception but rather the norm. This is a good example of how an interaction might take place:
[Image: xeQ6cXU.jpg]
Maybe you cringed at the 'game' display here but this is what you should be talking to them: direct and straight to the point.
Over on whatsapp it was pretty much all logistics. She came over to my hotel, we went to my room to 'watch game of thrones'. She was a very clean 20 year old 7 and I had a good time with her. As you might suspect already she's very much into foreign guys and her last boyfriend was an American. You will find plenty of girls like her on Tinder.

I also recommend day game simply because it's so simple to do. Girls will be eyeing you almost everywhere, and I'm about to drop all the day game you'll need in here.
Opener:"Excuse me, do you speak English". Most of the time the answer is yes.
From there on just ask about some things, chances are you're really actually lost or looking for something. Look at her body language, mind yours. A lot of times she'll be the one to drop a question about you. If that happens you're in and you can pretty much number close on the spot. However a lot of them are shy, don't try to make this a 'perfect set' or whatever, just segway into talking about yourself a bit and go direct after you get a feel for her. They're just waiting on you to take the lead. All of this might be standard and it applies everywhere, but the difference is that in here you don't need to build attraction, the attraction is already there most of the time. All you need to do is not be dumb and cash in on it.

Shopping. Do yourself a favor and go to Greenhills Mall. This place is a goldmine and I regret not shopping more in there cause I haven't found anything like it for the rest of my trip. I'm not saying that they don't exist, I just haven't found it. What makes it so special? It's a clean, air-conditioned mall that has a lot of people selling some high quality stuff. If you're into watches and clothes you should check it out for sure.

Manila Conclusion: The city might be a mess overall but you can still have some fun and some great shopping while there. I ended up banging on girl a night while there with one night where I got two. It never took more than 2 hours from meet to lay either. Since there's so many people there's also variation and there's more hot girls to choose from.

The Province of Bataan
[Image: bataan-peninsula.jpg?fit=620%2C332&ssl=1]
You might wonder to yourself right now: "what the hell is that and why did you go there anyway." One of the girls from FC was living there and I met her in one of the cities.
How to get there: 1Bataan Ferry. I was surprised with how well organized and clean this service was. You can get the ferry from the bay and it's a very short and pleasant trip. Once there you can take one of their shuttles either to Balanga or Olangopo. Overall the trip was pleasant, and I wanted to mention it for 2 main reasons:
1. Foreigners seemed to be found very rare in there for some reason. This meant that everyone stared at me everywhere I went which was..interesting. The girl I was with felt so much pressure that she walked behind me as she noticed that everyone was staring. I think it would be an interesting spot to game in as there's girls everywhere, so keep an eye out for it.
2. It's a lot cheaper than Manila and it has some resorts you might want to check out.
Bataan Conclusion: Found it to be rather interesting and safe, might be worth checking out if you're inclined to explore and want the 'white god' experience.

[Image: q9Jxyqr.jpg]
You might look at the picture and think: "Wow such a nice beach, but the bottom pic looks horrible so which one is it Don?". The answer: both.

In short, Boracay is a great big tourist trap. It's advertised as one of the best beaches in all of Asia, and that's not far from the truth - the beach and the water are great. But everything else is garbage. The Island was closed for renovation and was just opened. I'm not sure what renovation they did, but this is far from the place it claims to be. The only constant here is the high price - expect to pay $100/night for a 2-star hotel. And when I say 2 star I mean: ants everywhere, 0.5mb/s internet(internet is bad everywhere on that island), shitty meals. Also you will never know just how uncomfortable it really is to ride a tricycle(it's just a steel box with no suspension attached to a motorcycle) off-road all the way from one part of the island to the next all while inhaling exhaust gas until you try it. That's the experience you will have unless you for one of those 4 star+ resorts that cost $250-$1000/night that will offer you a shuttle.
Housing: If you want to go out go with Station 2 or 3 while Station 1 is a lot more chill and family-oriented. Don't cheap out and go for a shitbox because you'll really regret it, Pinoys can be horrible to deal with at times, you want to go with something professional. The island has great difficulties caused by the lack of infrastructure, it takes a lot of money and hard work to counteract that. So if you're going to come to Boracay, spend the money, save yourself from the headaches.
The girls. This was a big disappointment for me. I expected a lot better quality but I found myself only looking after maybe 1 girl out of 30. The reason for that is simple: this place attracts a lot of (older) couples, families, older women..it didn't really seem like a party island to me. Tinder was almost dead - but it still got me 2 lays. If you come here to get laid I definitely suggest doing day game at the beach and going for the meetup/pull asap. If you meet a girl and she's there with a friend or solo she's probably down.
Boracay conclusion. Skip it. If you really want to see it don't book more than 3-4 nights, you'll get bored quick.

[Image: lYMGT3t.jpg]
This is one of the pictures that I found that I think represents this city the best. When you google Cebu all you see are pictures of clear oceans, big malls and so on but as you might expect that's not the case. If you come to Cebu you'll want to stay near IT Park/Ayala Mall. As you walk around you will see a lot of homeless people, street kids, trash and jeepneys. Poverty is really apparent and there's not a lot of things to do around here.
Housing. I can strongly recommend Quest Hotel. It was the best hotel I stayed at in all of PH and for something like $35/night you'll get a very nice clean hotel room with a balcony. Room service was good as so was the pool and the gym.
Girls. Girls are really thirsty for foreign guys here as well. Tinder worked great. I didn't see that many clubs so I can't recommend something in that regard. For me if I were to come back I'd just book a room at Quest and spend my time at the pool/gym pipelining girls. You don't need any effort they'll usually come right in the lobby or if not you can just meet them at Ayala that's across the street, have a drink or something and then pull them back.

If you're an attractive guy PH will definitely be an adventure. My only qualm with it is that in the big picture I don't think that it's worth the price. The price in this case is not just your time and money but also the inherent risk you're taking, because the risk is there. The ladyboys are a big problem and it's something you'll probably only understand once you get to SEA otherwise it will just sound funny. The food is definitely not the best. The air is unbreathable in a lot of places despite it being an island and being surrounded by the ocean. Everything seems overpriced to me considering the low quality of stuff and services. In my opinion Philippine's problems as a country are great and they come from decades of distress. You'll see some real poverty around here and you'll pretty much always stick out like a sore thumb. I think that it's for some people, but most RVFers will want to go to Thailand if they want the good 'SEA experience'.

There's a lot of islands to check out and places I haven't seen yet. Kalibo, Davao, Puerto Princesa are some of them. But I think it's more or less of the same: poverty, bad infrastructure, health hazards and pinoy hoes that want your white baby batter.

If I were to do it all over again, I think i'd structure my trip like this:
Day 0. Pipeline hard with Tinder Premium 2-3 days before arrival
Day 1 - 4. Arrive in BGC/Uptown Mall Manila on a Thursday night. Leave on Sunday. Use the time to see the city, do some shopping, go to those clubs and bang some sluts.
Day 4 - 6. Visit Boracay next to unwind but only for 2-4 nights tops. Chill on the beach in the sun, swim, mack on some Russian tourist girls, take some IG pics, burn some cash.
Day 7. Count my blessings and go back home to civilization.
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05-17-2019 01:58 AM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Nice datasheet Don!

I did Manila, Boracay and Cebu (in that order) back in 2014. Despite the drawbacks, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia (and to a lesser extent, Vietnam) really are a rite of passage for any emerging player that wants to sample the various shades of yellow available.
05-17-2019 02:28 AM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Nice data sheet about your experiences there. Its obvious that you did not do any sort of advance prep which is fine but for new guys going to PH I really think its one of those places you really do need research done ahead of time because of traffic and the lack of tourist infrastructure compared to Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. That's something that you sort of admit in your conclusion. During my first long term stay it took me two weeks to finally settle down and find quality girls there.

If someone is staying in Manila for the first time then I would recommend them just finding a place near Makati that is walking distance to Green Hills/Ayala Triangle area. You're walking distance to Greenbelt/Ayala Mall which has a variety of Asian food choices for a good price, walking distance within Tokyo Town which has the best Japanese food on the island, walking distance to a lot of bars or at least a very short taxi ride to most of them outside BGC. If you want to go to clubs at night in BGC then you can take a taxi at night which is no big deal.

One full week in Manila is usually enough for me. Bang a 6 everyday with a double up/maybe a triple up in the first day or two and then rest of my time on an island. OP should of spent a week on Coron/El Nido and a week island hoping around Dumaguete/Olsob/Bohol/Siquijor. Hell one could of spent two weeks in the last few areas and enjoyed themselves. The beaches in the Phils have the best beaches in Southeast Asia IMO. The lack of tourist infrastructure and difficulty in getting to them is what keeps a lot of tourist away and 'pristine' for now.

A man is only as faithful as his options-Chris Rock
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
You do realize there is a difference between Cebu, ths Island, and Cebu city, the capital of the Island and second city of the country?
Indeed, do not expect clear oceans.
As for Big Malls, if that's your thing, there are at least 3 or 4 HUGE malls in the city.

There is indeed poverty but this is NOTHING compared to Manila, believe me. Agree that Quest's is a nice hotel and that girls are really easy.. if you have low demands. If you do have higher demands, it's still possible, but... any girl above a 7 (for most) is pretty rare here. Most girls are not really good looking nor healthy. So well...
05-17-2019 11:29 AM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Does anybody here rawdog in he Phils or do y'all always wrap it up?
05-17-2019 11:39 AM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
It seems people still post good data sheets from time to time. Good read, thanks.
05-17-2019 12:21 PM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Well there are trains and buses all over Manila.

Also beware of girls that give you the +63 when giving you their number. Unless you don’t mind serial foreigner fuckers.
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05-17-2019 01:38 PM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
(05-17-2019 11:39 AM)WombRaider Wrote:  Does anybody here rawdog in he Phils or do y'all always wrap it up?

Personally I'm too scared to rawdog in PH, though with the right girl - as in any city - you could. My advice would be to only do it with a girl who you have known (in person, not online) for over 3 months and you have verified that her story (what she does for a living etc). Also make sure you're not one of a handfull of temporary bf's. Would never do this with a girl that I met in a bar but a girl that's working in IT Park for example could be OK to bareback.
05-18-2019 10:11 AM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
LOL^ at your last sentence

(Aren’t most girls in IT park callbank girls? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard those circles get around like mad esp. w the crazy work hours) don’t get me wrong I love those girls sometimes as they tend to be decently smart (not to mention work hard AF) and are always up for a good time but I ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET FOLKS - ITS DANGEROUS OUT IN THESE STREETS

Everything else is spot on
05-18-2019 09:40 PM
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RE: Philippines 2019 - Manila/Bataan/Boracay/Cebu - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
^ Yeah call center and BPO workers (ie. most of the offices in IT park) are notoriously promiscuous with each other and also full of gays and bisexuals who fuck each other then fuck these girls, which increases the STD risk even more. It goes without saying that Filipinos/Filipinas won't be using condoms with each other or be getting tested for STDs.
05-19-2019 04:35 AM
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