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President Roosh V State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend thought experiment
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President Roosh V State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend thought experiment
In celebration of this article being linked to in one of my favorite blogs I thought it would be fun to mess around with the idea of Roosh's State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend policy.


According to the policy:

Quote:All foreign females between the ages of 18-25 who want to live in the United States will be assigned a score of 1-100 based on her beauty, weight, fertility, weight, age, weight, and basic literacy.

Although some factors will be obviously more highly sought after than others lets keep it simple and just assign a maximum of 20 points for each facet

Extremely lop-sided demands for any one facet will aid future algorithm programmers to value appropriate facets in a manner consistent with candidate viability. A more reasonable system would obviously place a higher cost on beauty than literacy but for now let's just get a baseline reading on how each facet is likely to be valued.

Here are some rough guidelines.


0 points = BMI 30
5 points = BMI 27
10 points = BMI 24
15 points = BMI 21
20 points = BMI 18

BMI above 30 not considered human.


0 points = 2 WNB
5 points = 4 Slumpbuster
10 points = 6 WB
15 points = 8 HB
20 points = Unicorn


0 points = 26 (one over upper limit, I know)
5 points = 24
10 points = 22
15 points = 20
20 points = 18


0 points = Blank stare
5 points = See spot run. Run spot run.
10 points = Basic conversational.
15 points = Can homeschool own children.
20 points = Capable of making 100k a year ghost writing novels and blogs.


0 points = Barren
5 points = History of infections and/or miscarriages
10 points = Typical
15 points = Good
20 points = Family history of producing a child a year without health issues.

Assign points from an assumed pool of 50 unless you want to explain to us why you're so tough and cool based on the criteria POTUS V has laid out in the article. Otherwise you will be assumed to be "average" which is to say you score an average of 10/20 in all five facets and therefore have 50 points to assign.

Quote:Citizen men will also be scored from 1-100 based on their work ethic, employment potential, age, religious faith, and financial stability (i.e. if he’s responsible with his Roosh Bucks).

For purposes of keeping this simple (and pleasant) presume same race pairing to avoid the 25% penalty (and this turning into a race thread).

*All participants in this thread will receive a voucher that grants them +5 points towards their future assigned State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend™.

/20 Weight
/20 Beauty
/20 Age
/20 Literacy
/20 Fertility

*Voucher redeemable only in person not before 01/01/2099

The public will judge a man by what he lifts, but those close to him will judge him by what he carries.
05-17-2019 09:18 AM
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RE: President Roosh V State-Sponsored Foreign Girlfriend thought experiment
Okay, 55 point buy

(15)Fertility: Good - I want to have a family, but want to use the calender method to avoid the need for contraception. Plus, it's a decent proxy for health.
(0)Age: 26 - No disaster, and it's saved me 20 points.
(0) BMI: 30 - A year on the treadmill shouldn't hurt in the long run.
(20) Beauty - 10's a lot rarer than 8's and worth the extra points.
(20) Literacy - It's a good proxy for intelligence and family background, all good for my future children.

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05-17-2019 09:07 PM
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