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Break-up tips...
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Break-up tips...
I did search, but found no thread on this...

What are some break-up do's/dont's (and worst ever stories)?

(I'll share my worst ever story, but I'll let the thread warm up first))
05-21-2019 12:05 PM
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Zoso Offline
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RE: Break-up tips...
I used to like to make them feel that it was their fault why I leave them.

And to have them attached to me, i used to be the best lover the last weeks, and then at the peak of the romance, I'd break things.
I remember making my GF cry at the bus'window, while i was saying 'its just enough'. Two months later she went to my job with the excuse of giving back to me a Teddy bear and then she was supplicating me to come back to the relationship. I said no.
The next week she came back again and it was really intense. She was pulling my shirt because i was rejecting her and literally i left her running to take the bus and she was running behind me. For years i felt guilty for this humiliation and 5 years after, i contacted her. It actually was this year haha. And at the second date she was calling me 'my love' as nothing happened. Feelings kept intact in her.

I used to do that just because of my ego issues, i think. It was not a mature thing to do.

Now I think zero contact it's best. Even though, I havent proved it yet.
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05-21-2019 01:37 PM
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RE: Break-up tips...
When a girl breaks up with you, no matter how you feel, go quietly.

I wish someone made this super clear to me, as part of why I'm still not truly over last LTR (who broke up with me 2.5 years ago), is that I did not go quietly. I fought, tried to guilt her, got angry.

In hindsight, I realized i fucked myself extra hard because of this. I simultaneously made it...

1) harder for me to get over her, as I was pedastalizing the relationship and

(probably) 2) even easier for her to move on. The following day when she was tearing into me, she almost seemed to take satisfaction out of me having a hard time letting go.

Conversely, if you are breaking up with the girl, don't think about it. You already care less, hence you terminating the relationship.
05-22-2019 09:08 AM
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RE: Break-up tips...
(05-21-2019 01:37 PM)Zoso Wrote:  "i used to be the best lover the last weeks, and then at the peak of the romance, I'd break things."

You might be on to something.

Although I would not do this,
I believe that sometimes you need to 'help' a girl out so that she understands that she is not being the best girlfriend, perhaps this is one (harsh) 'model' without actually telling her she is being no-bueno; Sometimes it is the only way they will understand since they are so consumed by their phones, being fed garbage by the media and their girl-clicks.

Alternatively, trying to logically 'man-splain' something to a girl, especially 'telling' her that she's being a bad girlfriend, will not work IMHO. She needs to 'feel' it on her own.

This could also backfire and she will simply not come back. But that is a risk you should be willing to take, and so it was just not meant to be.
05-22-2019 02:53 PM
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Shifty Offline
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RE: Break-up tips...
After breaking up: No contact, no "taking time to see where things go", no getting back together. The most you could do is bring her back as a plate but even then 99% of the time it is not worth the drama over some pussy.

If you have one of those chicks that don't seem to leave you alone, this might be controversial but what I usually do is try to be as selfish as possible sex wise with girls who are too attached to me and I want to break it off.

This girl was coming over daily to my place and it was annoying, and I figured it would cause some drama if I told her I didn't want to see her anymore.
For 2 weeks straight she came over and just sucked my dick to completion, I barely touched her and kept the making out to a minimum (The most I did for her was suck on her titties). She wanted to get fucked and the few times I pretended the condom was giving me trouble to avoid having sex. After this period of her becoming my personal blowjob machine it didn't take much convincing for her to leave me alone.

This should only be used with clingy/stalker girls or to induce a break up. The disadvantage of this is it might make you feel less of a man and lower your SMV with her and others but it is a great strategy if you truly give no fucks.
Or if you have ego issues you can try to show her what she is "missing" by giving her great sex, but that just comes from a need of validation and it's really needy.
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05-22-2019 04:57 PM
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