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Scientists Experimenting With Artificial Wombs
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Scientists Experimenting With Artificial Wombs
Yep. They are predicting the first babies produced from artificial wombs will be in a decade or so.

Quote:Human babies born using an artificial womb ‘possible in a decade’
The most prominent experiment kept lamb foetuses in a ‘biobag’ that looked similar to a regular plastic bag for four weeks between the 23rd and 27th week of their development. It provided a nutrient-rich blood supply and amniotic fluid and is seen as another step towards ‘birth in the bag’ technology. There are two very different applications of these sorts of devices: Artificial womb technology (AWT) substitutes for a real womb right from the start so the foetus never needs to be inside a human and works as if the baby is still yet to be ‘born’ Neonatal intensive care (NIC) – like in the lamb experiment – is a more well understood replacement for an incubator. It works to improve survival rates in premature births and works ‘after’ the baby is medically seen to have been born The law in the UK, and 11 other countries, bans human embryos developing outside the body for more than 14 days.
There are those who wish to use external pregnancies to end the abortion debate, potentially allowing or even forcing those requesting an abortion to transfer their foetus to an artificial womb. Full ectogenesis would mean that a baby is ‘viable’ from the point of conception so means abortion regulations could change across the world. Secondly, and perhaps more shockingly, removing the womb from the whole foetal process might actually change how humans evolve. ‘We know that the constraints of the human uterus and pelvis have acted as a brake on the size of the human brain and skull,’ Dr Smajdor says. ‘If freed from the need to be “born” in the normal way, we might open the way for a new evolutionary trajectory.’ This new ‘evolutionary trajectory’ still seems distant though. With no baby of any species being fully brought to term without a live womb for now, how distant a prospect is this sort of technology? ‘We’re in the process of interacting with the [US Food And Drug Administration] FDA, so it’s not impossible that we could be doing a clinical trial one to two years from now,’ said Dr Alan Flake, of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia which carried out the research using the biobag and the lambs.

IMO, there are many evil things that could arise from this like...
  • the ability to grow foetuses around microchips resulting in premade NPCs
  • human/animal chimeras (Island of Dr. Moreau)
  • governments having total control over population and reproduction numbers
  • scientists editing out the genes related to gender to make genderless people
  • people born from this will go insane due to lack of family ties and etc
  • from a spiritual side, people created from this will be born soulless and be perfect vessels for demonic legions (nephilim reborn)
05-27-2019 06:12 PM
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RE: Scientists Experimenting With Artificial Wombs
[Image: 53d9fb26608c25a640df00067694edb8.jpg]

λ ό γ ο ς
05-27-2019 06:23 PM
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RE: Scientists Experimenting With Artificial Wombs
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein story being woven into reality...
05-28-2019 03:41 AM
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