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Roosh V Ladies' Forum
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RE: Roosh V Ladies' Forum
There is 1 woman on RVF and she doesn't post and hasn't done in a while. She was here during the early days.
06-22-2019 07:39 PM
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RE: Roosh V Ladies' Forum
(06-22-2019 07:39 PM)Foolsgo1d Wrote:  There is 1 woman on RVF and she doesn't post and hasn't done in a while. She was here during the early days.

Maybe only one biological woman (Ms Chocolate) but a number of emotional females

- Does She Have The "Happy Gene" ?
-Inversion Therapy
-Let's lead by example

"Leap, and the net will appear". John Burroughs

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure."
Joseph Campbell
06-23-2019 10:34 AM
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RE: Roosh V Ladies' Forum
(06-22-2019 05:01 PM)Atlanta Man Wrote:  Women will never go to a sight where they cannot post pictures of themselves, modify the photos and receive Male thirst. Instagram is their God, other websites will never intrest them again......so no, no RVF for ladies.

No one cares about her viewpoint:

[Image: nxx0trqqzia21.jpg]

We know them better than they know themselves - the collective Red Pill male community. Heck - we know even their attraction cues better than they do. We know better what attracts them while they say: "It just happened - there was something about him." - saying that about a guy who approached 1000+ women and studied diligently Game for years. It's as if asking women how a guy gets muscles and she responds: "No idea - guess it just happened."

If you have women come here, then it becomes instantly a different thing as they cannot resist vying for attention, trying to "change our minds" or telling us about their valuable "female viewpoint" - a viewpoint that is utterly warped by Blue Pill, female group think and globohomo propaganda.

Women were never honest about themselves as it would be a disadvantage to their internal mating strategy. As some woman reacted to a book by Rollo: "You men shouldn't know this." And that was one of the honest ones.

Also keep this in mind about women - they are group creatures. The few who will change their views due to hearing logical arguments like men - they are incredibly rare. Most are group behavioral women - a Red Pill society could have logical academic arguments of why traditional thinking makes sense both for men and women, why men need to be strong and masculine and women gentle, polite and feminine, but we would not convince the collective womanhood. We would have to permeate our different program everywhere - academia, media, entertainment - and then would women follow suit like the group beings they are.
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Yesterday 01:45 PM
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RE: Roosh V Ladies' Forum
(06-21-2019 04:29 PM)gework Wrote:  Any thoughts or ideas?

Girls could be added to a "Girls" group that's limited to posting only in a Girls sub-forum, where guys can ask them stuff like, "What do you ladies think about..." or they can ask guys, "What do you guys think about..."

Guys who don't want to see that stuff could just avoid that sub-forum.

It could be fun just to interact with them and allow them to present their opinions before utterly demolishing them, as a proof that feminists (which they all are; since the establishment is feminist, being conformists, they will be also) can't hold their own in debates.

Also, it could be interesting in some cases to hear their stories, fantasies, etc., even though a lot of it could be BS where they're trying to game men; just observing the methods by which they make these attempts could be illuminating. Lastly, interactions with these chicks will expose which guys are bluepilled.

It could also be a further proof of the redpill to see that the guys who objectify these chicks the most end up being the ones who actually get furthest with them. It's one thing to read about the redpill, but it's another to actually see it in action.

Females should of course continue to be barred from any kind of moderator role.

There will be pushback against the idea, but if implemented it will attract a lot of traffic, activity, and interest, albeit at the cost of stirring up some drama as chicks begin to arrive, and driving some people away.
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Today 12:02 PM
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