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Bolshevism and you (& maybe a JQ)
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Bolshevism and you (& maybe a JQ)
How many of you guys acknowledge the JQ or with recent current events of accelerationism in regards to the whole debacle with warhawks like Lindsey Graham and John Bolton goading us into war with Iran (Remember John Bolton was the guy that essentially got bush into Iraq)
even consider that today's "conservativism" is an extremely watered down version of it's true glory that's just controlled
by (((covert))) controllers.

I liken conservatives and liberals of today's flavor as cancer and chemotherapy : Over the past 40+ years we're doing one of two things.
During times of Republican rule: Americans are getting chemo to the cancer that is slowly eroding our society, but we're funding and supporting foreign wars that will only destroy us financially in the long run. (Just like chemotherapy does to the human body)

During Democrat ruling periods (as seen recently by the Obama years) hedonism, wokeness, "Social justice" blatant disrespect for anything traditional and wholesome, and value systems are replaced by hollyweird & social media bombarding us with these "progressive " definitions of morality
Likening these things to cancer just running rampant in the body of some fatty drowning themselves in McRibs,Sugary colas, and stressing about everything..

Doesn't it ever just make you think "this crap is f*kt no matter which way we spin it. Who's pulling the strings ?????"

If you're ever getting to that point, I'd like to help you vaccinate: Here's the root cause of your disease

06-23-2019 08:57 PM
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RE: Bolshevism and you (& maybe a JQ)
It's all connected bro. I mentioned in the Iran war thread about PNAC and the Greater Israel Project. We are nothing but units and cattle to the MIC and the banking cartel. Only boomers, cucks, and shills deny the power of the 2%. Never forget the six gorillion lampshades goy!!! Meanwhile your culture, history, women, and children are all usurped and corrupted and stripped away from you, and if you speak out against it you are a (let me consult my bolshevik big-girl book of insults) ... racist/sexist/misogynist/nazi/homophobe/etc
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06-23-2019 10:16 PM
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RE: Bolshevism and you (& maybe a JQ)
You had me at "McRibs"

Get your passport ready!
06-27-2019 06:05 PM
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RE: Bolshevism and you (& maybe a JQ)
All the Bolshevik party leaders were Jewish, and let's not forget Karl Marx himself was born an upper class Jew in Germany. He never worked a normal job a day in his life, simply leeched off his family, blew his inheritance, and later leeched off Hagel.

Trotsky invented the term Racist when the Marxists in the West realized capitalism had created too much wealth to divide people along lines of class. Their new aim was to divide people along lines of race (and later sex) so he invented Racist and Racism as part of their larger strategy of subverting the West, look it up for yourself.

Before Trotsky, the modern notion of racism was as nonsensical as the sky being blue - everyone knows human beings possess in group preferences.

Anyway, if Christian Europeans are forced to bare responsibility for colonialism, concentration camps, etc., I think it's time Jews accept responsibility for their sole role in birthing Marxism, committing genocide against the Ukrainians (The Holodomor), and the murder of over 100 million Russians and Chinese in the 20th century alone.

two scoops
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06-28-2019 03:16 AM
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