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Five Liberal Women - Five Stories - Five Similar Results
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Five Liberal Women - Five Stories - Five Similar Results
Liberalism is a mental disorder. It's a programming that leads nowhere for men and women. Liberalism is an umbrella term that encompasses many subsects. One of the main programming nodes associated with liberalism in the female sex is feminism. Here are five distinct case studies of women who are entrenched in liberalism and leading completely meaningless lives.

The women I am using are real people but their names have been changed to protect their identities.

Case Study 1: Mary, Divorced, 45

Mary was cheated on. Twice! She put up with the bad behavior from her alpha male husband because she knew she could not do better. Mary was very plain. She had an obsession with collecting stray dogs. Eventually she "chose" to divorce the cheating cad and go down the road that was popularized by Thelma and Louise.

Mary went out and got numerous tattoos. She got breast implants and joined a shred kickboxing class. She held a divorce sale and proudly announced it to all of her Facebook friends.

Mary decided to become a slut. She joined Tinder, bumble and all sorts of hookup sites. She slept around but proudly took screenshots of men who failed to win her affections. This was done via an Instagram account that is still active to this day.

Mary has no children, she is not married, she is getting old... What does she have? She knows she is running out of options and time. She even pulled off a publicity stunt where she wore her old wedding dress and got drunk in public. Got some press from the mainstream for her you go girl actions to prove that she was over her ex.

Mary has mental problems. Her life purpose now is to ruin herself to prove her ex-husband wrong. No God! No children! No purpose! She has been poisoned by feminism. She now lives in a lonely existence with her dogs.

Case Study 2: Katie, Never Married, 44

Katie always cared about status. Maybe it was because of her poor polish upbringing where she felt inferior about her parents' jobs in janitorial services. She drove a BMW, wore expensive jewelry, and went to the poshest restaurants and clubs.

Katie spent her 30's serial dating. The same script would play out. Some poor schmuck would take Katie out. He would spend his money for a night out on the town. They would both get intoxicated and Katie would at the end of the night take a cab home to her vibrator. No man was ever good enough for Katie.

She was one of those girls you saw on for years. To the point where she would show interest in guys who she had gone with years before. Months would turn into years. She would she her cousins get married and have kids. Her elderly parents waited patiently for Katie to settle down but the day never came.

Katie still travels the world. Traveling back to Poland every once in a while. She is the cool aunt. The good-looking one who they cannot believe never found a man. It was never her fault though. No guy was ever good enough for Katie. And probably never will.

Case Study 3: Holli, Never Married, 39

Holli never got the guys. She was the funny and loud one. She was the one guys felt comfortable talking to because she was not a threat. She was not attractive. Most guys felt like she looked like Mr. Potatohead.

Holli was jealous. She hated not being the center of attention. She would stalk hot male professional athletes and former Bachelorette contestants. She would get some pity attention from time. It drove her crazy!

Holli decided to make a change. She wanted to be the hot piece of ass. She joined CrossFit and undertook an incredible physical transformation. Her face still was flawed but now was get attention from desperate men.

Holli joined all the hookup sites. She felt empowered! She rejected hapless guys at will. She posted her newly active lifestyle on all the socials. She was finally going to get a man, right?

Nope. Holli is still alone. Her brash personality coupled with her newly bulging biceps are not getting the attention she wants. She still has an ego though. She still believes she should be with a guy who looks like Channing Tatum.

Holli goes home to her parents rural farm every once in while. Her sisters are all married to strong conservative guys. Holli is still steeped in feminism. Holli is probably more monetarily successful than her sisters but she has no man and no kids.

Holli will continue her ascent up the corporate ladder. She will continue her quest to land a hottie. As she departs her 30s nothing much has changed. No God, no direction, no purpose, no life.

Case Study 4: Jennifer, Never Married, 31

Jennifer was raised on the south side of Chicago. Catholic school born and raised. Jennifer excelled in school finishing in the top of her class in undergrad and in grad school. She was fast-tracked right into a prominent position at a major retail firm.

But Jennifer was always angry! She would go to the women's marches and outwardly express her disdain for President Trump. She was an abortion supporter. She supported gay rights much to the chagrin of her devout Catholic parents.

Jennifer was not bad looking. She didn't fit the common archetype of the angry woman. She was really pretty, not gorgeous, but pretty. But she was alone. She would take long road trips with her dogs. She would document these trips on her Instagram account.

She always had a sad face. Consumed with hatred at the world. Restless. She would pick up and move to Portland on a whim. Her change of scenery would not soothe her soul. No life, no direction, no religion, just her dogs and a lot of hate.

Final Case Study: Emma, Engaged, 27

Emma was a cool chick. The type of girl you could always talk to about mundane topics. She was sexy in a way. Great body from years of playing soccer. Smart and accomplished in her career Emma seemed to have it all together.

She had a secret though. A secret she was not comfortable with sharing. She was engaged to her girlfriend. Emma had been with Tara for 14 years. They started experimenting when they were teenagers. It's all been status quo.

Emma doesn't want to be called a lesbian. She said that she is straight but Tara is the only girl she could ever be attracted to. She will marry eventually and be supported by a world that grants complete inclusivity to her lifestyle.

Still, something is missing. She will never have a white wedding. She will never have her own little boy or girl from the man she loves. She'll never know the intimacy of a man. She will keep the status quo. Perhaps grow old with her girlfriend. They will share cats and tea. Till death do them part.

These are five stories based on five women. These women all lack the same things but in different ways. Feminism and the clown matrix have left these women miserable.

The lack of God, man and child has alienated their souls from humanity. They will continue to search for answers but ultimately they will not find what they have been yearning for.
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06-23-2019 09:11 PM
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RE: Five Liberal Women - Five Stories - Five Similar Results
My favourite part of any older chicks dating profile. Whether 39 or 41 years of age etc.

'Kids - none'.
'Wants kids? - undecided.'

Bitch please. The decision has been made for you & 'nature' say - Nein! Rolleyes
06-23-2019 09:23 PM
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RE: Five Liberal Women - Five Stories - Five Similar Results
Sounds like all of society is lucky these women didn't have children.
06-24-2019 02:37 AM
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RE: Five Liberal Women - Five Stories - Five Similar Results
I was at a birthday party this past weekend and wound up chatting with a decently cute girl who later said she was 36 and said she wanted to settle down soon with someone and start a family. She also said she lived and worked in Spain for nearly a decade from her early 20s and traveled a lot in general. She was going to go travel for another 6 months around Europe and some of Asia. It was kinda sad talking to her and it felt like I heard even some of the desperation in her voice. At the end of the party though I saw her leave with some older guy... whatever. This happens a million times around the world and there's tons of women out there who got let down by the wrong lifestyles when they could have maybe tried settling down earlier.
06-24-2019 08:52 PM
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RE: Five Liberal Women - Five Stories - Five Similar Results
Mary, the first one, is an unfortunate case as her husband cheated on her. Now it can be completely her fault that the husband cheated and also one can argue that she took all the wrong steps a woman should take post divorce. However, if she was an average loving wife and her husband cheated on her out of pure lust, then it can screw over a woman's brain badly. In that case, she is not completely deserving of her status.
06-24-2019 09:29 PM
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