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To what extent are these American stereotypes true
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RE: To what extent are these American stereotypes true
(07-05-2019 11:08 PM)Wutang Wrote:  They were talking about Christianity and Catholicism like they were different religions and one girl actually was going "Wait, am we Catholic?" I've actually this same scenario play out back when I was in high school where a guy who was in the same class I was knew he was a Christian of some sort but wasn't sure if he was Catholic or not.

Watch King of the Hill if you want to get an idea of what religious life in America is like. There's an episode where Hank gets angry at his son Bobby for splurging a ton of money on some item and says "The family Bible doesn't even cost that much and it was written by Jesus!" I have a feeling a lot of the audience watching that episode didn't even get that there was a joke in there.

One thing I've noticed living in Catholic and Orthodox parts of Europe is that it's common for people to refer to the local brand of Christianity as Christianity and everything else as something else. That is, the Roman Catholic church is la chiesa cristiana for an Italian, Orthodoxy is Christianity for a Ukrainian, etc. Maybe that is what was going on.

About the KJV, I think most American Christians are aware that it's a translation. My wife is Catholic so we attend the Catholic church, which obviously doesn't use it. Years ago in an Italian language meetup the conversation turned to the Bible for some reason and I do remember everyone else being shocked when I mentioned that the New Testament was originally written in Greek. They probably assumed it was written in Latin or Hebrew or some other ancient language though, not English.

There is a story about a Texas governor generations ago supposedly refusing to have school taught in Spanish in the state because "if English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for Texas children." Even then, she may have meant something like "reading Jesus' words in English is good enough for anyone who wants to live in Texas" not that she thought the Bible was originally written in English. As someone who sees multiculturalism of the type that's being currently forced on the US as a great evil, I'll admit that I'd have to agree.

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