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Dislike Game & Women
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Dislike Game & Women
There is something that has been happening with me and my circle of social acquaintances for the past year or two, and I could use a little perspective on things. Let me give my side of things.

So, for anyone who had followed a previous thread of mines in the Lifestyle forum, I had spoke about how I have become a lone wolf in a way due to being financially and socially independent. I've given up on trying to appeal to people who have taken advantage of my kindness and learned that I need to look for more people like myself or hold a common interest. It was a great thread and suggest anyone looking for advice on how to stay sane in this kind of lifestyle to take a gander. Basically, I have accepted who I am and talk what I want when I want. Whether it's my mind or politics (which I have gotten quieter on), I no longer worry about the repercussions of my words. Not to the extreme, ofc.

Anyhow, after that talk, I have been incorporating concepts from that and I have come back with some interesting results. I want to see if other men have experienced something similar. I have become a hot topic among the community of people I am with. Currently, a lot of people are breaking apart or finding drama in their lives, but something I keep coming across is that I keep coming up people's mouths, whether it's people I'm okay with or the people who separated themselves from me in fear of either the things I say or maybe just intimidated by me. I wish they weren't, but I can understand why. I'm more docile and tame than the usual crowd. From what I gather, people throw shade at me or say stuff about me, from what I gathered from a friend who is still around them. But the weird thing is that they are still commenting on the things I do. Normally when you hate someone, you ignore them and keep away completely. Yet, I keep hearing that they are still talking about the stuff I do, and not always in a bad way.

Then I remember some advice I read here a long time ago about how people's actions speak more than words. And how women in particular respond to Dread Game, is that what it's called? It's when you show the woman that she's not worth your time but because of this, she senses your frame and becomes more attracted to you. Currently, there's both women and their blue pilled male friends who don't like me like they use to. However, they continue to have me on their minds, which logically makes no sense to me. If there was someone who pissed me off or is a nuisance in my life, I forget them and move on. Then that brings up another thing I read: women and weak men can hold grudges. And grudges is because of the emotional drama that it creates for them, thus interest. And because of this interest, it turns on that hamster wheel in the head and suddenly you're the talk of the town.

I'm just trying to pull together my thoughts to understand what is currently going on, and I can use a little more wisdom from the more experienced. Is this unawaringly causing attraction or is just these specific people not having anything else to do?
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07-08-2019 04:39 PM
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RE: Dislike Game & Women
If you decide to go at life alone, and you're successful, people will hate you. Whether they're friends or family does not matter. You force people to look at themselves in mirror when you become successful on your own as you say you're financially and socially independent.

That mirror is a scary thing for people that have never done anything alone and are risk averse. You don't even need to say anything to them, just your mere existence is condescending to their entire lives. You both came from the same place, had the same opportunities, while they did what was easy and comfortable, you went your own way and are now ahead.

Instead of admiring and acknowledging your achievements, they'll resort to shaming and attempt to ostracize you further. Anything that will protect their egos from the mirror you've unknowingly set in front of them.

It's just human nature, try not to take it personal, although it's damn hard not to when your own family and friends partake in the shaming. The ones that are worthwhile to have in your life will come around with a natural curiosity.

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07-09-2019 02:23 AM
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RE: Dislike Game & Women

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07-09-2019 06:08 AM
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RE: Dislike Game & Women
I had to pretty much break away from all my friends to go to college. I went late. Around 26 instead of after high school. So I had a pretty tight social circle. Bunch of dickhead losers actually. They all try to bring you down or poison you mentally because they have no drive to succeed. They have the big dreams but zero work ethic.

Don’t worry about it. Like minded people all eventually find each other and raise each other to greater heights. Don’t be afraid to mentor someone either. That’s how you pay back the person that taught and mentored you. They have to be worth your time though. Don’t waste your valuable time on ingrates.

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07-09-2019 07:37 AM
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RE: Dislike Game & Women
There's one guy among the group who wants to break out and become successful. Since he asked for help, I am at least giving advice on where to start and stuff like that. If I can save at least one person, I'll feel happier. I'm still a human being and I like seeing others happy and succeeding. At first, I use to take an upfront approach, but due to the wisdom given here, I've been a lot more passive about it and instead let others come to me, as you're highlighting.
07-09-2019 08:36 AM
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