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Provincial Belarus
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Provincial Belarus
I've been visiting Belarus for the last 6 years and figured i'll throw a short datasheet on "Provincial Belarus" and also updated observations on the country as a whole since a lot has changed since the famous World Hockey Championships of 2014 where a few adventurous souls from Rooshforum took a leap and got visa-free entry to this state...many did well including myself and I have met some of them in-person. T.

Quick info, I am 40 years old, average looks, but good Russian and decent bank-roll. Not into ONS and to be honest don't even know how to start them. Always been relationship guy. Have high energy and am willing to do and see almost everything, including adventure trips(visited the forests of Chernobyl this trip near UA border w/o a permit risking arrest and expulsion and passing several closed police towns).
Fortunately barely stayed in Minsk this July. Figured I'll grab a train and hit 2nd tier-cities there with ex-forum member Traktor and also the protected zone near UA border in SE.

When I travel I place tourist activities and exploring culture first (for example visiting famous sights, experiencing cuisine, seeing local artists, practicing Russian, urban exploration, etc.) before I try to meet women. Of course an STR/LTR is always the goal but very hard to develop a meaningful relationship with someone over the course of a few dates. I did try tinder and got matches many times but outcome was bad due to limited time and nothing developed.

Here are some observations in no particular order:

1. If you are over 30 avoid provincial Belarus. In 2nd & 3rd tier cities women get married very young and by the time they are 30 most have at least one kid. Most families have 3 kids so they can get subsidized apartments by the state. It is not unusual to see a hot wife whose no older than 25/26 with at least two kids in tow in one of these places. Unlike RU/UA did not see many couples with big age gaps. Tinder was pathetic. For example places like Mogilev had maybe 35 women in the 25-36 age-range.

2. See number 1. Avoid all clubs and most bars if you are older. I hit up the "more happening places" in Belarus' 2nd and 3rd tier cities such as Mogilev and Gomel and I was always pretty much the oldest person there (except for some staff). If you must ,try to hit up a fancy restaurant earlier in the evening that has a bar. Perhaps you will get lucky and see a milf or two. Even local older guys struggled, I saw local younger guys who were suited-up getting cold rejections after buying drinks. It is a myth when some of the guys say Belorussian women are desperate, to be honest most are very conservative and only interested in traditional dating with expectation of an LTR and eventually marriage but they are not desperate at all; 18-35 age balance in Belarus is about even, the gender imbalance only starts appearing in the older age range.

3. Russian knowledge is a must! Some members on these forums will disagree, but in 2nd tier Belarus cities if you do not speak Russian your game will suffer tremendously. Majority of the girls can understand English but when it comes to even basic conversation they will struggle. If you use Google Translate or some other app it kills the natural vibe. In that case just be truthful, use tinder, and immediately try to filter out girls who don't speak English. 15% may remain out of the total pool and just focus on those.

4. Smartphone obsessions is real. Local women are more interested in playing around on their cellphones than they are talking to you. Unless you have great game and looks be prepared to be blocked by her smartphone and non-stop selfies.

5. English and foreign looks are basically a non-factor now. People seem to be too concerned about their daily lives and the mediocre economic situation. I had on a few occasions hot girls ask me for money (taxi, drinks, etc.) after they heard me speaking English but otherwise there were no reactions.
The amount of times we were stared at and questioned because of our English was minimal. Gone are the days of the mid 2000s where WGF was relevant. Most young women have been so exposed to the western culture that seeing a tourist from west and hearing English in provincial cities is no longer a big deal to them. Sure, they will ask you a question or two but will disappear as soon as they meet a friend or get a call. Also I figured with an open visa policy for some of the countries in the south sex-tourism would be a rising issue but thankfully did not see it much other than what I heard from a few specific clubs. Also saw very few visible minorities aside from students and almost no mixed couples.

6. Minsk is not real Belarus. It attracts some of the most successful young women from all over Belarus but at the same time some of the most desperate who could not "crack it" in their local villages/towns. When you have over 2 million people in the Capital there are bound to be some non-traditional "apples" who develop foreigner fever and are happy to be "wined and dined" and are ok with ONS however from those who I talked to very few use online dating and are looking for flings with foreigners. They love their country and have no plans of moving to the west. I am not saying it does not happen but this is definitely not a country for a quick weekend trip.

For the guys who claim that they did great in Minsk they are also the same guys who would fail outside the capital Minsk. The other cities like Gomel, Mogilev, Brest, Mazyr, and so on. These are also the cities where you meet you Slavic Beauties who are sitll marriage-minded. Locals there are not used to the western tourists and if you practice aggressive night-game there is a good chance they will only be interested more in selfies with you, an IG post and that number they give you they will ghost as soon as they realize you are there for a couple days. Chance that they will meet you later and go on dates is slim.

However there are a few places those with some Russian knowledge I'd recommend an older foreigner check out. In Mogilev Churchill Bar had good music and very high talent with an OK ratio. It had a few foreigners (Arab looking guys) but they shouldn't be your competition as usual they were smokin' and were in a large guy group with barely any girls. Unfortunately the main clubs Forum and Cuba Club had a very young crowd, average age probably no more than 21. I felt like I was back in college. Had my drink and left immediately, no chance to meet a future "wifey" there even though I saw some supermodel types.
In Gomel night-life was limited for such a relative big city (almost 550,000) though Мята Lounge is prob best place to hit it Th-Sa nights. British Underground pub by the main football stadium in Gomel also may have potential but was quiet as I was there on a Wednesday.
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