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"Arab world turns its back on religion"
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RE: "Arab world turns its back on religion"
The story goes that when Mohammed first received the koran he was in meditating in a cave, and an angel claiming to be Gabriel came to him. This angel told him to write down the koran, but Mohammed was illiterate so he could not do it. Then this angel choked or strangled him, and told him again to write it down. After this encounter Mohammed initially thought this angel was actually a demon. But later on, for some reason he concluded it was actually an angel from God. He went on to dictate the koran instead, and other people wrote it down.

The bible says that if spirits appear to us, they will most likely be demons, and we should test them by asking them if Jesus Christ is the Lord. Mohammed never tested this angel, so most likely it was a demon of some sort.

Devout muslims pray five times a day toward Mecca, in which sits a black cube shaped building called Kaaba. This is a holy building to muslims. Muslims will claim it was built by Abraham, but it was actually an arabic pagan temple before the muslims took over it.

In the occult a black cube is often called the cube of Saturn. People have worshipped Saturn and associated gods since ancient Babylon, Egypt and Rome. The Saturn cube also appears in Rabbinic/Talmudic Judaism (Tefillin cube) and even in popular culture somewhat often. For example the movie "Cube" where it is a maze prison, or "Hellraiser" where it is a puzzle box used to summon demons, or the Borg Cube from Star Trek, or in a song called "#thatPower" where they "worship" a cube.

Long story short, I think muslims are actually worshipping satan or some sort of demon. Unfortunately they are worshipping demonic forces also through adopting modern secular culture, which is of this world, a world that is ruled by satan.
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07-31-2019 07:58 PM
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RE: "Arab world turns its back on religion"
< Obviously Muslims are free to believe in their religion at least until one nation decides in the future to ban the religion due to the problems it causes.

But credible scholars clearly state the Quran is a combination of the old testament as well as writings of Arab warriors. Mohammed was contrary to Jesus not a clearly proven real person, but rather a combined mythical being who compiled stories of the leaders back then. The Arab warrior kings came first, Islam only coalesced later into a religion. The conquest preceded the religion and initially even the coins as well as all sources did not even mention Mohammed.

The new nation of warrors who were successful created essentially a religion that would serve them well for future exploits. They added the usual practices that warriors of the time wanted - 4 women, sex slaves, strong patriarchy, total obedience under religious rules, rules for constant warfare and expansion, marrying of cousins (since the elite in many nations practiced it - Christianity for example fought hard against inbreeding at one time) etc.

As for the study of the path itself - obviously if you look at the Quran, but also at the most bloody strongest Hadiths, then it's obviously quite Satanic. Many Muslims obviously are peaceful and kind people, but the real religion of Islam is not. Anyone who practices it diligently would become a Demonic being and this explains why so many European converts become terrorists - they just practice the religion well vs their Muslim-born brothers who don't live by the rules as strongly as them.
07-31-2019 08:34 PM
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RE: "Arab world turns its back on religion"
(07-28-2019 01:04 PM)911 Wrote:  That's kind of the low-grade modern neocon narrative.

Oh sure, the islamo-thugs I've known in the couple of ghettos I lived in were CIA operatives.
I've never doubted that tard

Also Strasbourg was a false flag ?
Please enlighten me, I'm more than interested in hearing more on this subject.
08-01-2019 03:46 PM
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RE: "Arab world turns its back on religion"
(07-27-2019 03:58 AM)Elmore Wrote:  "Hey guys, multi-racial societies with large muslim populations are going to be fine! Can't you see with our graph and survey?! Everything's going to be alllllllllllllright....."

Well that's convinced me. No more ethno-nationalism needed. Just off to treat myself to some new consumer products on credit, to celebrate!

Exactly. Haha

When one considers irreligious we have to consider the comparisons. Being irreligious In Islam does not equate it to being irreligious in many other religions. Muslim people are very tribal and will divide themselves as the "us vs the infidels" mentality. Sure some are probably drinking and doing some irreligious stuff but they will always define themselves as Muslims first. When someone just points out the faults in Islam, even though most irreligious Muslim will defend it to the death. And most of the irreligious practices being done are just doing practices that interfere with the fun of a Muslim person. The practices that interfere with Muslim growth such as their women hooking up with men of other religions is never done and is punishable by death.

Islam is religion made to be always growing. Using cultist practices Islam makes many people unable to leave Islam because how it ingrains itself every aspect of ones life. From day you are born (circumcision) to the day you die (even what you were to the grave), Islam gives you no choice in life. Sure you might find some people who will disobey practices but they will still follow the million of other rules. And if there is the few who redpill out of the cult then Islam takes care of that too. Remember leaving Islam is a death sentence and is required by the Muslim community to eliminate you.
08-03-2019 12:15 AM
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