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The Black Pill Question
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The Black Pill Question
We all have recognized the Woman Question, the Jewish Question and the Boomer Question.

Now we have to recognize another question which is important to call out:
The Black Pill Question

Most of the Black Pillers here seem to take words at face value because they equate words with actuality the moment they are said.

I also think that the level of autism is too damn high in this board because of the Black Pillers.

Now for example, Donald Trump mentioned something about red flag laws; however, no action has been taken yet on his side. It is all talk until action is applied to make it real.

It is okay to have some black pill views on the current state of the country due to the present volatility and to have backup plans just in case SHTF; however, humanity has been here before and we will pull ourselves out of it even though the price many times has been high.

My advice to the Black Pillers is to actually think in the big picture as to what is happening around them and whatever is being said by whom. I say this because we are actually in a psychological clown world bubble (Kali Yuga anyone). However, like all bubbles, they pop, and when they pop, things change. Everything goes up (or down) until it doesn't!
08-07-2019 08:20 PM
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RE: The Black Pill Question
What specifically are the black pill views that you are annoyed with?

For those views, what solution do you offer that doesn't just strike at a material benefit (sex, money, etc) but man's deeper purpose?

08-08-2019 02:54 PM
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RE: The Black Pill Question
"Black pillers" probably require more 'acceptance' as per the stages of grief model.

Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance.

Yes matters are off-kilter & awry at this time.
Yes your hopes & dreams did not pan out as you wished.
Probably better to rely on pragmatism & practicality, rather than emotive / depress-ive reasoning.

I say that as some one who was in a 'black pill' type state of mind, during the previous decade.
Way too invested in 'doomsday prepping' for all intents & purposes.
Problem was. After a decade of preparing for 'the big one'. Once nothing happened, I had failed to actually live life to the full & all I had to show for it was a storage room full of gear & equipment.

Said gear & equipment is still useful should mass disaster ever strike. Yet I should not have been so narrow-minded & enjoyed life a bit more during that decade.
Thankfully, I've been in a situation for this current decade to where I can 'carpe diem' for matters of health, God, family, friends & life experiences.
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08-09-2019 07:31 PM
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RE: The Black Pill Question
The black pill is nothing less than a cold, hard look at the goings of the world around you. If you do a 360 and all you see is degeneracy, then you will naturally start to feel blackpilled, especially so if you're a man with his shit together.

However, the black pill is meant to be a temporary state of realization - a stepping stone, if you will - that one uses to move to a different environment that is significantly less degenerate. Back when I was living in the U.S., I began to feel very blackpilled at the state of things, which served as a strong motivator to haul my ass to a better place. Once I did, most of my blackpill sentiments went away, and the future begins to look quite hopeful again. The black pill is merely a product of your current environment.

The fundamental problem with most "black-pillers" is that they don't do anything about their situation; they are simply stuck at the realization stage. Either due to apathy, circumstantial restraints, or some combination of both, they are stuck in their Western shitholes, and flock to "chans" and forums like these to complain about the state of their country. I would know - once upon a time I was one of these people.

The difference between a "black-piller" and someone who takes the black pill is simply the presence of action. Realizing the truth and it's ramifications on your future is an incredibly important step in a man's growth. What one does after this point is what separates the wheat from the chaff.
08-10-2019 03:09 AM
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RE: The Black Pill Question
Frankly it depends on what kind of "black pill" you mean. According to your posts you are a firm believer in the Trump storm retaking the US and the West to new glories. But what if your view of the real power structure in the world is barely above the level of CNN? Sure - you think that you are right, but what if you are not and guys like Alan Watt (cuttingthroughthematrix.com) are far more correct?

In that case the black pill just means that radical change by voting is unlikely to come about. And since too many people are NPCs - also more the West is destroyed via more easily manipulated low-IQ masses from the 3rd world, then it's unlikely to foster any meaningful rebellion.

However - there are many guys on the black pill who are quite White Pilled in terms of their personal life, even humanity as a whole. No evil regime will last forever and theirs will fall one day as well. I personally find it far more blackpilled by the Antifa vegan sheisters who are against all Western culture, all relgion, who don't believe in a meaning for life and who want to create re-education gulags in order to create their marxist paradise on earth which of course will become just a greater hell.

Know that countries come and go - disagreeing with guys over future development does not make them worse people or "nihilistic black-pilled-losers". You can enjoy life, achieve a lot, create your own mini-tribe and culture-preservation island on your own. You can move if a culture goes down too far. If you choose to fight, then my recommendation is to put more energy into research of who you are really fighting and how deep the control grid truly is. But that is just advice and if you just want to be active within the current frame, then go for it. Tell me in 20 years how things went.
08-11-2019 08:02 AM
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RE: The Black Pill Question
(08-08-2019 02:54 PM)Roosh Wrote:  What specifically are the black pill views that you are annoyed with?

For those views, what solution do you offer that doesn't just strike at a material benefit (sex, money, etc) but man's deeper purpose?

Roosh, when I made this post about the Black Pill Question, what I wanted to address is that some of the posters posting in many threads were projecting their black pilled fears and speculations regarding topics in the Politics and Everything Else threads and trying to twist it as absolute reality. It is one thing to be realistic about how the world is (I've always known since I was little that many of the conspiracy theories out there were true because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely) and accept that the world doesn't work as it should but it is another thing to project their black pilled views in such a way that they mean to push a message using tactics akin to psychological warfare and thus encouraging a view of learned helplessness.

Some of the views that annoyed me were present on the Donald Trump thread where many of the black pillers were making unfounded accusations as to why Donald Trump was not performing as he should. I have always pointed out that I believed he was a means to an end and knew he was not perfect. However, what got my ire was a huge amount of BS speculation, wordsmithing and message twisting from the black pillers as to why he was not keeping all of his promises and his language. Politics is a fact of life but the howling and conjecture posted by the black pillers came across as a Machiavellian tactic to ingrain learned helplessness rather than stating their opinion. Even Samseau was calling out the absurd amount of black pilled BS in the Donald Trump thread and Vox Day addressed the black piller tactics in one of his posts via his blog. The black pilling BS is even evident in other threads as well.

To get to your question, I want people to focus on the truth regarding discussion. I came here for the truth and the facts such that I gain knowledge in bettering myself and those around me because in order to make the change you want, you must improve yourself first. I have no problem with theories about how certain things may happen (and stating to the best of their ability as to why). Everyone has opinions; however, if it comes to the point where some of these posters are being Machiavellian with their viewpoints and using the black pill as a psychological warfare tool, then that is where it should be stopped!

What drew me to your forum was that people were willing to state the facts and get to the heart of the matter. I will admit that I picked up good knowledge in the Game forum but as time passed by, what really drew me here was the information being posted in the Everything Else, Life and Politics forums about relevant topics. Many posters who posted in those forums wanted to know the truth about how the world works and from there, engage in a process of self improvement to make themselves better first and create a "butterfly effect" and make others improve around them. I have always liked this forum and I think you are doing God's work in giving men across all races, classes and creeds the ability to speak their minds and to come to the truth via this platform; however, I am always aware that some individuals have their "agendas" and some may even be malicious in nature.
08-11-2019 10:35 PM
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RE: The Black Pill Question
It’s not comfortable and it can be depressing but the Black Pill stage is necessary. Before this forum changed its ethos, I suspected the Black Pill is biblical and possibly what the old timers called “the conviction of the Holy Spirit”.

1 blue pill : The Song of Solomon
2 red pill: The Proverbs
3 black pill: Ecclesiastes

At the end of Ecclesiastes, Solomon concludes that the meaning of it all is to honour God and to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour. This seems to be where this forum has reached. Paradoxically the black pilled and cynical tone of Ecclesiastes took away my black pilled depression.

I mean read this very modern translation:

Ecclesiastes 7:26-29 Wrote:26 I found that some women are worse than death and are as dangerous as traps. Their love is like a net, and their arms hold men like chains. A man who pleases God will be saved from them, but a sinner will be caught by them. 27 The Teacher says, "This is what I learned: I added all these things together to find some meaning for everything. 28 While I was searching, I did not find one man among the thousands I found. Nor did I find a woman among all these. 29 One thing I have learned: God made people good, but they have found all kinds of ways to be bad."

This tells me that unless guided by the Holy Spirit, I shouldn’t entertain the idea of marriage given that there is more social stigma against spinsters than multiple divorcées.

It was the black pill that gave me the power to quit alcohol. My eyes were opened to its lies and all the perceived social benefits of it were false. I didn’t need to go to AA because the black pill and the reasoned and logical urging of the Allen Carr courses gave me the black pilled hatred of the alcoholic matrix.

Don't spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings. (Proverbs 31:3 GNB)
08-12-2019 12:13 AM
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