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What would America be like today without overruling government policies?
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What would America be like today without overruling government policies?
It seems a common theme of all the degeneracy right now seems to border on the government gaining a lot of power, and escalating a full on social programming, with the addition of Democratic policies destroying once great cities. From the Civil War, to the FDR New Deal, to Civil Rights, and finally to the welfare program solidification of the 60s, which is also when feminism took off and women gained a 50% voting power.

I'm no historian, but I can only imagine where the USA will be today if strong men stood their ground. For instance, before the Federal Reserve was instituted, there were a lot of informed men that were wary of the banks and knew what a Central bank could do to their economy, having been under the same thing from the very government they just got free from. But as time went on, the people got stupider, greedier, and the banks got smarter in how to get around laws to the point that we not only have given the full power of our spending to a central bank, but that usury is considered an honorable thing.

Women voting remaining illegal. The facts are clear after we gave them that power, women are not capable of voting in favor of the well being of a society. If they had remained in their roles, a lot of democratic policies would not have been pushed through, save for certain jewish ones that already lean in the path of revolutionary policies.

The government replacing the father is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, destruction of America's productivity and social idioms. The men are sucked dry from a woman-favored legal system, left to either have two to three jobs, or just quit and run due to how much money in alimony and child support they have to give each month. The money goes to consuming spending women rather than to men who could put it toward investments like a business or fueling industries that can grow society. Instead, the advancement of society stalled heavily. A lot of innovation was starved, having the bulk of wealth production centralized in tech heavy industries where women naturally are not a majority in, but even that is no longer the case as diversity rears its ugly head all across Silicon Valley.

Our education system is mostly women based because teaching degrees are generic licenses rather than truly testing the individual in their capacity to create well educated and productive future citizens. This brought in the PC and marxism culture you see all around our schools and colleges today, and explains how a lot of our youth became soft. It was only a century ago when kids were taught the basics of life and things like gun ownership were a given rather than banned due to mothers who screeched enough to the government. Waste of educational material on things that are not applicable to the common man. And rewarding kids of all intellect, rather than rewarding based on merit, leading to overestimation of work kids can do, which causes complaints, which further builds into lessening the barrier of entry for general education. A large amount of our populace can only do basic math, and they lack general wisdom, something that unfortunately schools do not teach.

Getting to the topic at hand, what would America be like if all of this had not happened? Would Chicago be one of the greatest cities in the world? Would California be a bustling economy the likes we never seen before? Would we have advanced innovation on transport? Would our military be the most honorable you ever seen full of men with good hearts and strong families behind them? How about our space travel? With increased funds, would we be further in invention than where we are now? Imagine all the money that was given to welfare instead funneled into tax cuts so the man common man can build business and trades that will evolve the world to a level we won't see in my lifetime.

I'm young and stupid, but I dream of a world where order could be restored. To me, all these policies seem stuffy. All these regimes based on feelings rather than logic or good thinking. I believe a few people even said that voting and the power of the running of America should be reserved to people that contribute the most to its production, like land owners. Which I would say isn't applicable today due to the corruption of land ownership by the government and wealthy people that used the law and lobbying to consolidate real estate power to the point that no common man can invest or buy into it.
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08-19-2019 08:38 PM
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RE: What would America be like today without overruling government policies?
The government isn't necessary. They only have power because we the people willingly give it to them.

Technology's innovation seemed stalled like you said. In fact, some technology somehow has gone backwards, look at NASA. The only thing that seems to keep advancing lately is these smart phones. It's convenient for them too that it tracks your location, hears what your talking about, and visually records you in the name of keeping you safe.

In the end, it's all about the money. You aren't allowed to come up with ideas that benefits society like a free energy source to all. They need us running on this hamster wheel distracted and full of debt to keep this system operating.
08-19-2019 11:22 PM
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RE: What would America be like today without overruling government policies?
Hmm, interesting and quite complex topic(s) here. I'll start with an outlier, a conversation I had with my buddy just a day ago. We were on the topic of land ownership and I pointed out to him that during my time in Northern California I watched first-hand as my neighborhood was bought up by East Indians (city of Dublin, which my family, friends, and I renamed "New Delhi" a few years back) and, as my good friend in Oakland discovered, Chinese investors buying houses in Oakland with cash, outbidding locals by tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It should not be this way. We should be able to buy and sell property in America as citizens only. These Chinese are often buying sight-unseen - they aren't even HERE in the country to look at a particular property, just snatching it up.

Buy two dozen guns for your property only to find that every other neighbor around you is Chinese? They are going to own this country by default pretty soon, buying it right out from under our feet.
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08-19-2019 11:23 PM
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RE: What would America be like today without overruling government policies?
Materialism still would have fucked up people. I'm reasonably convinced technology, consumerism and materialism are the biggest issues
08-19-2019 11:58 PM
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RE: What would America be like today without overruling government policies?
The main problem is modern/western society has become beta, essentially men are afraid to express their disdain for modern culture. People cant call out bullshit from other people, businessess, feminists. You see someone doing something wrong and instead of saying something, you just think "each to their own, he has a right to do that". Obviously this doesnt work in a social environment, as no man is an island.

Democracy doesnt work. What works is Aristocracy. Rule of the Best vs Rule of the Masses.

Because Morality, Economics and Society are objective things, they have right and wrong answers for questions. Few, Elite men, can see truths more clearly, and lead society towards betterment, but it requires subjucation of the masses, and the beta/feminine aspect.

But we live in a society that does not believe in objective morality. So the opinions of the less intelligent are given equal weight to men of elite morality. This is the fundemental problem with modern society. Without an objective morality we cannot argue for right or wrong, and we must accept any and all degenerate cultural concepts that become popular.

It is difficult to 'fight' or argue against degenerate pop music, for example, because one almost feels 'awkward' or ironic in doing so. As if, there is something wrong with a man who takes things so seriously, and has a problem with the media promoting these things. Such is our state, we have lost true individualism, inner self-esteem and self-identity, which only comes from knowledge of objective morality. Modern man values himself relative to others around him, who themselves have no concept of real value, and simply follow short-term social trends they see on TV and on the media. They all place themselves at the whims of the 'market'.

'The Market' is not a proxy for real Morality, though, and this is where the problem stems.

"If a pop song makes money it must be good. We cannot it say it has a negative impact on society because everyone has a different opinion on how society should run"
"If Amazon makes money it must be a good company"

America has given humanity many of the most degenerate ideas in history. We have an entire generation that believes 'thug culture' or 'gangster culture' is a real value system to aspire to. This is now being exported around the world.

Real socities dont have degenerate subcultures considered as acceptable by the mainstream. Yet how many people call out thugs and gangster culture in the West? No one.

There is joy and real happiness in attacking the evil of the west. However, the 'fight back' seems isolated to desperate school shooters, incels etc. It looks like people just take it until they snap. But there are better ways to fight back.

Man was born to fight, but the Anglo man is brainwashed by a sense of Nationalism where he feels any failure of his government will result in loss of self-esteem for him. His self-esteem too tied into a sense of greatness for America or Britain, for he has not other identity, or source of self-worth.
08-20-2019 05:47 AM
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