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I caught oneitis for a slut
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RE: I caught oneitis for a slut
Notch counts are ranked far too high within the manosphere as an indicator of a potential LTR. The female notch count (Outside of obvious sluts), is largely circumstantial.

Hypothetical Susan; A woman fresh out of a long term relationship from age 18 to 25, with just two partners total, may just have easily been Sarah; A 25 year old woman with 14 partners (2 per year) had she not found a solid male at age 18.

Of course such a number requires probing, but it is always a case by case basis. The reality is, for anyone in their mid 20's, the only thing that will keep a notch count as low as mentioned in this thread, is the girl being taken by one guy for years at a time (Who has also been thrashing her consistently which is somehow better?).

Dirty_Old's post hit the nail on the head. No need for me to rehash what he's said. Outside of an obvious slut, the notch count debate can be deceptive as a low notch count is not necessarily an indicator of a loyal girl with solid morals.
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08-20-2019 07:21 PM
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RE: I caught oneitis for a slut
Are younger girls even able to consider non-relationship sex as something bad? I met few girls, who are right now 25 and older and they were thinking about sex as relationship-only thing.
But all the girls I met, who are around 20 right now are too opened about sex. They will do absolutely anything you wish and they are totally okay with being for men only for bang.
Age difference I am talking about is only 5 years, but these for years are strongly influenced by Instagram and Tinder. And that's too strong influence.

They don't know anything else than being for sex since their teens. It's not something weird or unacceptable for them. All these young girls I met are like that. They don't care about their notch count. They are not able too see it as something negative.

Maybe if I want to settle with decent girl, I must do it right now with the girl of same age. There are still some with acceptable history. But as I am for girls, who are around twenty, maybe I don't have different choice, than take their sexual history as a fact.

It feels like giving up now, but as I think about that, maybe it's time to accept, that times have changed.
It's a sign we should focus more on us and less on the girls.

"Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people."
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08-21-2019 03:58 AM
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RE: I caught oneitis for a slut
(08-20-2019 05:48 PM)arafat scarf Wrote:  She's into party favors. She's tatted. She's on Tinder.

Run the Numbers.

7 x 3 = 21.

Sorry. NO WAY IT IS 7. NO WAY.

She's lied to you about that. <

She's tatted.
She's on Tinder.
She has a year long history of recreational drug use and obviously gave up the pussy on the first night.
She also admits that she's very sexual/thought she was addicted to sex before.
Again, bangs on meeting up.

^She's only been on 7 dates in her life?

OP - no way you have fucked more than her. No way.

You've got two choices given that you have (self-professed) fallen for her.

1. Enjoy the decline. Take decadent pleasure in being slowly beta-maled by a confirmed slut. Worked for Nietzche. Theres a lot of intense emotion to be tapped there and sensitivity. Some of the greatest artists have done this and produced great works of art/ songs/ stories/ poems out of it.

2. Next. Ghost. Block. No contact. Find at least 6 other woman that you are meeting for drinks with a view to ***intense bible study. Or just conversation if the moderators insist. - Rinse and repeat.

Remember you took her at her word and posted here on face value that she had only banged 7 guys in her life and that you have obviously banged more than her.

In direct contradiction to all the evidence available.

So be wary of your attempts to limit your involvement with this chick.

If you are reading this and are thinking "no, no, rubbish.. it's not like that.."

Well A) I'm not psychic. I don't have a crystal ball.
But we're all reading the tea leaves here for your benefit.

So... B) If you don't trust option 2, then by all means enjoy option 1..

Next or watch your frame go downhill.
Only two choices here.
08-21-2019 06:04 AM
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RE: I caught oneitis for a slut
Does not matter if she is a slut or not. You caught oneitis, so that is already bad news.

"Поехали!!" (Yuri Gagarin, 1961)

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08-21-2019 07:35 AM
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RE: I caught oneitis for a slut
I personally don't see how someone who claims to be in-demand and is seeing other women can catch oneitis. I think he's misclassifying what he's feeling. Like she's just the #1 f-buddy on the rotation and little else.
08-21-2019 08:57 AM
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RE: I caught oneitis for a slut
7 day ban. New forum rules states you cannot promote or glorify casual sex. https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-73256.html

08-21-2019 09:44 PM
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