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Best Countries to Get Married
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RE: Best Countries to Get Married
Can confirm Peruanas and the speed at which their feelings will escalate for you. Wasn’t there long enough to see how that would materialize but there were several good looking women who said they couldn’t wait for me to visit again so they could cook for me. I was floored. I can count on 2 hands the number of times my ex-wife cooked for me in 3 years.

Can anyone confirm how divorce typically plays out for men in countries like Peru/Chile/etc?
09-14-2019 01:40 PM
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RE: Best Countries to Get Married
(09-14-2019 11:13 AM)Kid Twist Wrote:  
(08-30-2019 11:09 PM)Cortés Wrote:  With the trip I did, my idea eventually once I have some income stream is to find a small south American town with a religious population. Buy land/house and a truck. Spend significant time there, make friends go to church and become a part of the community, and you will eventually come across a good woman.

This is the kind of idea that is smart, actionable, and something most people won't do = success. Why won't most do it? It's dependent on time, discipline, and has the right priorities assigned to it.

The issue with almost all of the "traveling" and arbitrage of women ideas on the forum is that it takes time. I think everyone knows this deep down and understands it, but too many are focused on short term gains, being from the West. Especially in 2020, it increasingly won't work that way. If you want quality and don't want to "pay."

I put alot of thought into how I want my life to be within the next ten years or so. I'm trying the make this plan happen, leading to real fulfillment in life. Finding a wife and raising children in today's world will be difficult, but I think it's still very possible.

I think alot of guys on this forum are rather pessimistic about the quality of women out there. It's mostly about how you go about finding them. Because this forum had been mostly focused on notch count for so long, the ways that most dudes went about it put them in contact with girls who arent traditionally minded, no matter where in the globe

For example, in the last 5 years, most dudes looking to get theirs would use tinder. Girls who are looking for something similar to what her grandparents had are not on tinder. So then you're only meeting girls who talk about their career, spend every open moment on Instagram, this giving a dismal outlook.

Even in the west, there are good women to be found. Its definitely true that there are less of them than there used to be, but if you put some effort towards it, you can find her. You probably aren't going to meet her by cold approaching her after Mass and going for the insta-date. If youre in that church every Sunday, participating and meeting people in the church, then your chances have skyrocketed.

Also I think it's important to plan to move (or at least spend significant time in) your wife's country. My former 55y/o boss married a 22y/o Dominican girl and brought her to the states. On paper, the marriage should have worked out-he was in great shape, very masculine, nice house and car, and made great money. However it failed within a year of her arriving to the states. He worked 60+ hours per week while she sat at home bored and alone for a year before she had his kid. She wanted to start working. He tells me that while dating, she wanted to be a home maker, raise the kids, cook etc. But her Dominican friends in USA changed her, on top of that they hardly saw each other!

I think it would be much better to figure out a way to stay in the country of your wife. It's a priority for me to really like the country I would find my wife. Life in the US wears on me, and keeping your wife around her family and upbringing will be ideal to making sure she doesn't change for the worse

Edit- Hot take: don't give too much weight on divorce laws in the country of choice. Going into it with that mindset will start off on the wrong foot. Chances are in the event of divorce you would be better off than in the west anyways. Keep most of your assets outside of that country and nothing bad will happen

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09-14-2019 09:21 PM
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