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Ukraine’s libertarian revolution
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RE: Ukraine’s libertarian revolution
As someone who had lived and worked in Ukraine for over 20 years, I've heard the same thing over and over again, everytime a new government or "revolution" takes place. In Ukraine, it's always been one step forward, two steps back...We'll see. At the beginning the rhetoric has been encouraging, especially since Ze's government won a majority in parliament as well.

However, the latest news is that Ze's onetime benefactor, "Igor Kolomolskiy" former owner of PrivatBank, is back in town after self imposed exile in Israel. He was behind Ze's hit TV show, since it was on his television station. It's too coincidental that after just two years on air, the actor of the lead character runs for President and wins! Talk about fiction becoming reality. Anyone who thinks this wasn't preplanned is fooling themselves. Anyway, it's payback time...Kolomolskiy's back and they've just had a meeting, fill in the dots.....

A lot of the tone and direction of reforms including IMF and EU help as well as the investment climate outlook, will be dependent on how much influence Kolomolskiy is going to have in the new Admin. There's already talk of him regaining control of PrivatBank which had been taken away from him and nationalized. If that happens, then most bets are off....Also, there are some disturbing holdovers from previous regimes surprisingly still in positions of power like Arsen Avakov "Minister of Internal Affairs" a powerful post, among others.

Again, we'll see. Ukraine has too many powerful Oligarchs and businessmen who will not surrender control or risk losing their assets so easily to a comedian and a bunch of overrated hipsters in skinny jeans who think everything can solved by apps....
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09-16-2019 11:05 PM
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RE: Ukraine’s libertarian revolution
I am watching Zelinsky's TV show where he played Ukranian president before he became President in reality. I must say that show is pretty funny and depicts people in some realistic light, although of course there are many over the top naive moments there. It contains some good serious thoughts on nature of man and corruption of power too. Zelinsky is very charismatic. If he fails to deliver at least some good results and is not at least somewhat better then his predecessors, then Ukrainians will probably fall into total political nihilism.
09-17-2019 10:01 AM
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