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GF Moving into Mixed Dorm
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RE: GF Moving into Mixed Dorm
(09-30-2019 06:44 AM)Balls_Hang_Low Wrote:  I'm not worried about Tyrone because there are no black people in Poland lmao.


This is certainly cause for some relief in the midst of a shaky situation heheh. People that know me know that I tend to get along with folks from just about all ethnicities (if they are cool & not representing bad stereotypes, etc.), but I understand the apprehension around ruthless alpha types from some of the ethnic groups out there. Seems like Polish Chads will be the bigger cause for concern in this scenario.
09-30-2019 10:36 AM
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RE: GF Moving into Mixed Dorm
(09-30-2019 07:09 AM)BlastbeatCasanova Wrote:  Are you pretty young? Sounds like she's pretty young (still in school). I could be wrong. But unless she is an absolute gem and you're planning to get married, then what's the big deal?

He is emotionally invested without being committed. Young horny boys don't realize that casual sex demands a spiritual price.

It's like Poland - which used to be a devout Catholic country with NSBM being the norm - is going through all those Westerner's mistakes again just with a few decades delay.

How do you mean? Why does a natural act have to have a "spiritual price?" If God didn't want us to fuck then why did he make us so horny?

Humans are first and foremost, RATIONAL, Intelligent (at least some of us, heh) beings. You're not supposed to let your concupiscible passions take over reason and your will. Doing so has grave consequences on a personal and national level. We are already seeing the consequences of this on a cultural level with feminism, soy boys, low fertility rates , women unable to love a man etc. On a personal level, having sex with whoever you want for years on end will eventually land you with a case of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, inability to pair bond, jaded view of the opposite sex, etc.

Sure, maybe having a ONS or two in your entire life wont negatively affect you, but doing so ad infinitum will. I'm not casting stones here, as I too, unfortunately partook in this degenerate lifestyle, but stopped before it did any serious damage to my soul. Now, God made us "Horny animals" because it is our prerogative to use that feeling to procreate and form a family. This is OBVIOUSLY how civilization has flourished. It is self evident. Any civilization that put sex first with no care for family unit never grew to anything great. Yes, us Men are indeed horny animals and whenever we see a beautiful girl, we want to "get with her". If we were to follow that feeling to its logical conclusion, we would only be breeding dysfunction into our society.

As far as Balls_Hang_Low goes, he should've informed us of his location and country where his plaything is (poland) from the first post. I've never been to Poland, but everything I do know about Polish women, i've learned from Return of Kings/Roosh. As far as her chances of cheating goes, I would say likely if you two will be apart for a year or however long it takes for her to complete her masters. Things that increase her chances of Cheating:

1)Pursuing higher education
2)Living away from you
3)Living in a co-ed "dorm"
4)Possibly meeting foreign exchange students (jamal, chad american etc)
5)Mingling with leftist educated types
6) You sleeping with other women.

How can you expect this girl to not have sex with others, when you are doing the very thing you dont want her to do? In our sexualized culture, you have failed to temper your desires and instead, pursued side chicks. Well, what guarantee is there that she wont do the same, and put on a good girl facade, which Polish girls are notorious for doing? If you have not asked her to marry you and get engaged with her, how does she know you're serious?

As others have noted, you are getting anxiety over this so you obviously care about her staying monogamous, yet, you are having sex with other women. Maybe she will stay faithful and you are projecting? if you are having sex with other women, then perhaps at this stage of dating, this isnt as serious as you thought it was. if that is the case, then you should not be worrying. If she has sex with another man, so what? You were having sex with other women...

If I were you, I would stop being anxious over the thought of her having sex with other men since you are already having sex with other women. When she finally finished her degree, drop your side chicks, and ask your "gf" to marry you and put the whole "cheating" thing on the back of your mind. It's mostly your own projection anyway.
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09-30-2019 10:44 AM
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RE: GF Moving into Mixed Dorm
Outside of the religious aspect, because I'm not, i agree with wwtl on this case. It's unnatural for women to be wasting their time accruing college debt instead of raising families. We think it's ok now because we've been condition to. Plus guess who will be taking care of that debt if you were to make a pact with her...

I get that you care for her. It's obvious. Just don't forget that he who cares less controls the relationship. Your losing this battle with her.

Raise your current lifestyle so she or any other women wouldn't even dare to do that to you, because she fears of you kicking her out on the curb.
09-30-2019 01:05 PM
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