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The NBA & China Hypocrisy
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
LeBron in 2018:
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
(Today 09:49 AM)GT777733 Wrote:  Enes Kanter (Turkish NBA Player who has been exiled from Turkey, and basically character assassinated) now having a go at Lebron:

"While James went so far to call Morey "misinformed" on how China would react to his tweet, he was met by many detractors who felt his comments offered support for a Chinese regime that stifles free speech — one being Enes Kanter.

Kanter is in a longstanding feud with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan that has resulted in him being exiled from his homeland and facing constant threats. The Boston Celtics center tweeted a list of intimidation he and his family have been a victim to over the last five years, with the line "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE" at the end.

Kanter's Twitter:
-Haven’t seen or talked to my family 5 years
-Jailed my dad
-My siblings can’t find jobs
-Revoked my passport
-International arrest warrant
-My family can’t leave the country
-Got Death Threats everyday
-Got attacked, harassed
-Tried to kidnap me in Indonesia


Source - https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nb...983357002/

Enes Kanter is a Gulenist, he was raised in that system. What do you know about Gulen?

The Gulen network is a globalist deep state islamic network of schools, factories and banks which was funded by Gulf states and supported by the neocon deep state apparatus. It's an international globalist "jihadi lite" network, based in Turkey but has taken root in Central Asia and even in the US, where it is backed by globalists and the neocon wing of the American political establishment.

They've tried to overthrow Erdogan in a recent military coup, which failed. Erdogan cracked down hard on the islamist Gulen network, which rivaled the Kemalist neoliberal deep state in Turkey in size and reach. Erdogan gutted the Kemalists in his earlier ascent, and cut down the Gulenists more recently.

Lebron James is a satanist freemason sellout, like many of the Black American cultural leaders. They're about pure power, materialism and control of the masses through race baiting and being a good soldier of the globalist matrix. Lebron seems to adhere to the spiritual, deist version of satanism, as seen in his pregame prayer routines.

λ ό γ ο ς
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
(Today 05:55 AM)Bienvenuto Wrote:  What an absolute twat LeBron James is. I respect the success he's achieved and any good that he does but..
This is what happens when dumb people's narcissism and the uncontestable media elites they move around in get mixed together.
Going on about the 'harm' dissent can cause and the 'damage' done.

(10-13-2019 01:58 AM)Sword and Board Wrote:  Joe Smith boomer will watch his news nightly program and be outraged at these "damn Chinese taking over the world".

They weren't happy when Obama bowed down lower than the Chinese ruler. "America doesn't bow to anybody" "huff hum im a patriot"

But when Netanyahu the Israeli ruler comes to visit American congress the representatives 'elected' to represent the American people lick this foreign leaders boots and he receives 50 plus standing ovations for a nothing address. The media even critically singling out politicians that weren't enthusiastically applauding enough. It just doesn't register with Joe Smith.

AIPAC and all these different foreign lobbyists and foreign owned corporations, shit even its own money is owned by internationalists and Joe smith public gives not one single fuck and will stare at you blankly before returning to "but China are commies" "Israels our ally"

Fuck me.

Its like a logic test.

Is there more than one agent of oppression and expanding oppression in the entire world?

We must only name and vilify one.

But are there other growing threats to the existence of civil liberties and Western hegemony?

Must Only Name ((One))!

But what about the others?

Can only discuss them so long as they aren't China.

So China isn't a threat?

Must not discuss incursions by China into many Western spheres of influence, economies, influence-on-politicians, demographics.

But China is making big dents into the security arrangements, economies and population controls of Western countries.
Taking ownership of Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea. Australian bankers working with China to streamline Chinese immigration into Australia. All those port treaties that Joe Biden allowed them to get, they only make sense when viewed as military bases. They own most of British debt from the last recession. They destroyed the last remnants of the British steel industry. The British prime minister David Cameron who rolled over for them, he's now working for China and is paid millions by them. I understand that China effectively owns three American banks.
But we're not allowed to talk about that?

China's okay. We don't have problems with China. We can only talk about ((them)).

So.. two things can't be true at the same time?

This is a pretty flawed analysis, based on the false dichotomy of China being a similar threat to our freedoms as the globalist order.

China has historically been a very insular society, seeing itself as the center of the world and having little interest in the periphery. They have about 3-4 military installations outside of east Asia, vs about 1,000 for the US.

Their foreign policy objective is to secure access to key resources and markets, also playing a key role today in the development of markets in Africa and elsewhere through the construction of their economic infrastructure. Their approach is less predatory than that of the World Bank/IMF, which is more akin to loan sharking.

China sees the projection of military power abroad as an economically and politically counterproductive undertaking, a bit similarly to the approach of postwar Japan.

China is a real economic threat to the industrial base of the West, and therefore the livelihood of our middle classes. But herein lies the rub: China has been used by globalists to gut out the middle classes, which they fear and loathe.

The West's ouverture to China came about in the 1970s when the Rockefellers and Rothshilds directed Kissinger to set up the global free trade framework and the migration of the world's industrial base to China.

Many people on this board are aware of this, but few also understand that the Chinese communist regime was just as much a product of these globalists, who funded Mao. He was a product of the Yale chinese system, which was a holdover of the opium trade. Many of the Anglo-American 19th century fortunes were built on the Chinese opium trade, which funded most Ivy League schools and family fortunes like the Roosevelts, Forbes, Astor, and those of Iraqi Jewish families like the Sassoons and Kadooris, who forged links with London Jewish bankers.


Mao's financiers were Jewish globalists, as were his ideological handlers, like Israel Epstein and Sydney Shapiro, trotskyites in Mao's inner circle who were the authors of the Little Red Book. The globalists backed Mao over Chiang Kai-sheck, and implemented pure Judeo-Masonic French revolutionary doctrine



Much like in Russia, China's current leadership structure seems to be transitioning from a globalist product to a more nationalist direction, though you still find influencers at the top like Robert Kuhn, who hails from the Kuhn Loab banker clan.

I think China's main threat is an economical one, to our industrial base. Politically, its impact on our freedom and daily life is negligible (less so in Oz/NZ). And when there is an impact, it tends to be part of the globalist agenda. It wasn't China that gutted the steel or coal industry in the UK, it was Thatcher. That's also why she was one of the early proponents of the global warming scam, which was used to take out European energy self-sufficiency in countries like the UK and Germany.

China is a modern technocratic surveillance state, a harder version of ours. The difference between them and our governments is that China has no interest or impact whatsoever on our political freedom.

Honk Kong belongs to China, it was wrestled from them through the Opium Wars. China was the West's placemat for nearly 3 centuries, with up to a quarter of the Mainland's coastal male population hooked on the junk grown in India and forced on their country at gunpoint. The Anglo-American empire turned China into the equivalent of an inner city ghetto for centuries. That's why China has a big chip on its shoulder. That's why as well stunts like the use of US flags in HK protests have a very marginalizing effect on public opinion in the Mainland.

You can feel sorry for the couple of million middle class and youth in HK accustomed to higher liberal democratic and economic standards, but the bigger picture is that 700 million Mainlanders have been lifted out of 3rd world poverty by their government.

There is an unwritten contract between the Chinese people and their rulers: they provide tremendous economic growth to the masses (in fact the greatest economic surge in the history of mankind), along with political and social stability, raising their country from a floormat to the world's greatest economy, in exchange for an authoritarian political system. It's a deal that the great majority of Chinese people have taken, and for them HK looks little more than a bunch of spoiled disloyal old order leftovers.

λ ό γ ο ς
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
Anyone remember this?

“The greatest burden a child must bear is the unlived life of its parents.”

Carl Jung
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
This NBA/China fiasco is just further proof that America is simply a big corporation, that puts money over the fundamental values of freedom of speech and democracy the USA was founded on in 1776. America's plutocracy has sold out the people of the USA to China for money in exchange for wealth and power. China owns America, which will ultimately lead to its downfall. Sobering realization to say the least.
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy

Chairman James is a hypocrite.
[Image: 0879d22590184d9986f3b6e8b7aea482]
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
^ Wow, it gets worse.

Get your passport ready!
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RE: The NBA & China Hypocrisy
While China is not the threat to us in the US as are the globalists, I can't take their side due to their intensifying persecution of the Christian church. A pox on both their houses.
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