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Keeping A Balance Between Asceticism And Pleasure
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RE: Keeping A Balance Between Asceticism And Pleasure
(10-15-2019 01:40 AM)Roosh Wrote:  
(10-11-2019 10:38 AM)debeguiled Wrote:  
(10-10-2019 09:28 PM)Roosh Wrote:  Asceticism without faith is masturbation.

I don't agree with this. The guy is trying to improve his life through sacrifice and is looking for guidance in finding a balance.

This impulse is distinct from the impulse to masturbate, which is the opposite of sacrificing your pleasures.

God doesn't expect perfection and gives credit where it is due.

Like any reasonable being would do.

Who says what he's doing is "improvement"? What is the standard you're measuring against?

What is your standard for self improvement?

I measure it against my previous self, the impact on my immediate circle of friends and family and society as a whole. I admit I haven't reached the point where I can claim to have helped thousands of people improve their lives like you did, but I think I will get there.

Even though my family was not approving of my new nutrition plan, some of my family members are a bit more health conscious now. I have even influenced people who are connected to my friends. Also, if I don't eat right my health problems will become so severe that other people will be burdened by my health issues.

By setting myself free from internet pornography I am discouraging whatever crimes people are committing to shoot those videos. I know, not everyone is doing illegal acts, but I can't be bothered to separate them.

Jesus also calls for ordinary men and women to improve themselves. By merely avoiding sin, it does not mean that you just get to exist in this world. That's half the equation. You also have to improve yourself as a man. Whatever religious figure you can think of, perhaps with a few exceptions, that person went though various training methods for improvement. If you make yourself better, you inspire others to make a change in their lives.

Unless I am missing a deeper meaning here, surely you must be aware that by sharing your progress in life on youtube you are reaching certain people who want to make improvements in their lives.
10-15-2019 12:36 PM
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