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Medellin vs Rio de janeiro
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Medellin vs Rio de janeiro
I have been in both places twice. Totally six weeks in Rio and five months in Medellin. I wrote little bit more about medellin, because more experience.

Rio De janeiro

Women 90/100
Food 78/100
Weather 88/100
safety 30/100
cost 60/100
fun 93/100
Quality of life 70/100
people overall 92/100
places to see 85/100
Easy to bang 95/100

- biggest hate: Dirty and smelly streets and dubious drug addicts wandering streets at night with bad intentions in their minds.

+ biggest tips: Be strong and look strong. Criminals looking for easy targets and you dont want to fit in to their victim category and women love if you are able to protect them and they can sense fear and beta guy who fear has no place in women hearts in Rio.

=781 points.


Women 85/100
Food 45/100
Weather 93/100
Safety 70/100
Cost 85/100
Fun 75/100
Quality of life 80/100
People overall 80/100
Places to see 50/100
easy to bang 80/100

-biggest hate: Pollution, traffic and food has no taste. You get bad food everywhere. Couple of OK restaurants.

+ biggest tips: All the women are more or less gold diggers and super simple inside the head. Look for body language if she is really interested in you. Latinas also want strong provider guy who is leader in the house and pays everything. They want their guy to have a car and not a cheap guy who uses metro and taxi/uber only. They prefer camioneta (SUV) Best woman you can find in Medellin is from a gym or private parties for colombian people usually takes place in altos del poblado AND SUPER IMPORTANT take zero shit from women. Always start argument raise your voice/start a fight when they do something that annoys you. You get respect and they stop their shit there and listen to you also in the future.

=743 points.

Both are amazing and worth seeing. You need local languages. Ask more information if you want to know something.
10-20-2019 04:42 PM
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RE: Medellin vs Rio de janeiro
What areas are best for logistics in those cities and how would you go about finding a place to stay, if it is for a month+? Also, how much does one need to worry about safety in Rio, since you mentioned it?
10-20-2019 05:31 PM
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