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Shower Thought: Enemies of History
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Shower Thought: Enemies of History
I'm sure it has been said before and is something we all understand. But I want to try to articulate something that I cannot get out of my head. That the left doesn't merely view us as their enemies politically, but as the enemies of History (capitalization intentional). And because leftist morality flows from the idea that History itself is the Giver of Morals (we are necessarily supposed to grow better morally over time), then to stand against them, in their minds, is not merely an affront to them as people, but a crime against god (capitalization also intentional).

Let's compare the thinking that leads to one veering politically right or left to make this clear through contrast.

Rightism, or conservatism is born from circumstance; it is inherently reactionary. Society changes, and those affected by that change choose to push back. Because this pushback is often rooted in emotion and nostalgia, it can be irrational, unfair, and sometimes, yes, even hateful. Yes. We on the right side of the fence all love to believe we are doing Christ's work in the world and that is where our opposition to degradation and depravity in society comes from. But how often is that actually the case? How often are these decisions based on reason? I wish, at least speaking for myself, it was more often (I do not profess to be a Christian or a believer in God but I believe Jesus was morally right and try to live by his example regardless of my inner doubts). But all that is not the point of this post. Because even when rightism does express itself in ways that are childish, non-compassionate, and yes, sometimes even cruel... it pales in comparison to the calamity that is leftism.

Leftism is not born from circumstance, but rather from a single idea: that history is morally directional; that as time progresses, humanity must necessarily morally progress, as well. And if humanity must progress morally over time, therefore we all must have a moral responsibility to create this progress where it doesn't occur naturally. By force, if necessary. Therefore: anyone who doesn't jump on the bandwagon for whatever progressive cause-du-jour leftists are up in arms about that day, and definitely anyone who actively resists it, is inherently morally wrong.

This is the primary reason leftists believe the ends justify the means.

Considering this, it also becomes pretty clear why, with the exception of extreme cases like Weimar Germany, it is leftist and not rightist movements who start terrifying revolutions that violently destroy long-existing societies, and why it is more often leftists who use political violence as a tool to force their ideas into the Overton Window so the public will grow to accept them as normal. When leftists claim that their use of violent aggression against the right (or really anyone standing in their way, by purpose or happenstance) is not aggression, but is, in fact, self defense - as AntiFa claims - it is important to understand what they actually believe they are defending themselves against.

It is not self-defense against the violence you, the average Joe conservative, are allegedly doing to their “communities” by believing things politically to the right of Stalinism.

It is not self-defense against the racist killing sprees of Dylan Roof and other terrorists.

It is the violence you are doing against History by not joining them in creating their utopia.

And that is why no one, no society, will ever be safe from the devastation of leftist violence, social or physical - most of all those leftists who fall out of lockstep with the mob, or those who have the ill fortune to wake up from this political nightmare, or those unfortunates who just happen to be caught in the crossfire.

Because history is not progressive. History is the most unjust force there is. History is not merely the platonic form of injustice, incarnate; it is injustice’s mother, its father, its child, and its id. History does not have some utopian end point. History is chaos. History is the knife of Mother Nature and occasionally, her tit. But usually, it is her knife. Humanity will not leave this existence by sailing away to the Rainbow Havens where everyone is gay and equal and feminist. Humanity will end as it came, however that may have been, but almost certainly it will be in squalor. The leftist battle for a Better World ™ has nothing to do with actually creating utopia. Utopia doesn’t exist. It never will. The idea of utopia is a thought experiment to prove exactly why it can’t.

Leftism has always been, and always will be about who holds the power to lie.

To believe what leftists believe, to think the way a leftist thinks, is to believe with a homicidal zealotry that fills one’s whole heart that a square is a circle and that a circle is square; not only that, but that anyone who disagrees is an enemy of History. And therefore, of god (again, capitalization intended).

"If you're gonna raise a ruckus, one word of advice: if you're gonna do wrong, buddy, do wrong right."
10-21-2019 06:42 PM
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RE: Shower Thought: Enemies of History
IMHO...leftism and rightism are like two football teams. They hurt each other endlessly while people cheer for one side or the other.

Meanwhile, the owners sit in the luxury box seats and get rich on the battle. The more difficult debate centers on who these owners are, what their true goals are, and how to successfully defeat them.

"Action still preserves for us a hope that we may stand erect." - Thucydides (from History of the Peloponnesian War)
10-21-2019 09:20 PM
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RE: Shower Thought: Enemies of History
Your analysis is accurate, but at this point you fail to incorporate (because you have the idea and obviously understand it) it in totality because you lack the idea that progressivism is in fact the anti-christ. And this means that it is what is put in place of Christ, that which is rightly directed, appropriately used, virtuous and healthy. Think of it, this is why they hate the name of Jesus Christ so much, these progressives, it stands in the way of their constant attempts at Babel. It is the same thing as the ancestral sin, attempting to do it on their own, over and over again. What does it yield? Chaos. And the demons know it, and urge it on. Yet in the end, even they know what the final score will be. That's how sick they are.

Get your passport ready!
10-21-2019 09:37 PM
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RE: Shower Thought: Enemies of History
Have you done any research on Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School?

You might also be interested in the book Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

Here's an interview with the author: https://youtu.be/okcfKaC87r4
10-21-2019 09:43 PM
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RE: Shower Thought: Enemies of History
I think there's an unwillingness on the part of the hard right to acknowledge that other flavors of hard right would be equally dystopian if they dominated. Think--sharia law. Sure, it would get women off the carousel alright, but at what cost? So it's not so much the left/right paradigm as much as it's about dragging the population kicking and screaming towards a very rigid and restrictive ideal, whether it's putting women in burqas or forcing everyone to adopt new gender pronouns.

Normies reside more towards the middle of the spectrum which is why the pendulum swings rather than settling in one pole or the other.
10-21-2019 10:57 PM
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RE: Shower Thought: Enemies of History

Likewise also the paganism as empoused by men like Varg Vikernes. Which unlike the european religions of old may end up becoming worse due to their rejection of Christ.

See what happened to the Jews when they rejected Jesus.

Some forms of sacrilege is worse than other especially when its against Logos himself. Like the end of nihilism worse in the end.

Islam likewise is a false solution and its results arent looking too good for civilizations that long had it. There is definitely a golden mean that can be achieved.
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10-21-2019 11:23 PM
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