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The Details of the Devil
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The Details of the Devil
I bring blasphemy.

I have been stewing, pondering, piecing things together. Placing puzzle pieces where ever they find their fit. That is living, that’s just life, as an aside.

What is GOD? What was the Fall? What is the Tree?


Forgive the fumbling fingers, my Hebrew is rusty.

Be’Rah Be’erashiyt ELOHIM et Ha Shemayim Ua’Ha’eretz

These words mean as close as I can tell “From the Beginning there were Six - who had been created - whom created The Sea of Shem and The World.” King James’s bible be damned, that’s closer to how Rav Yeshua taught it.

Hence the specific reference to ELOHIM - specifically not YHWH ELOHIM.

ELOHIM... this is a mystery, a pearl. Rav Eleazar - whom was dignified by Yeshua in the 3rd century AD - unraveled it’s meaning as recorded in The Book of Radiance. As far as I can understand: it refers to a plurality of creators acting by the Will of a greater Creator who is itself part of a plurality of Creators acting by the WILL of a greater CREATOR...

Till tire.

Like any scheme, existence itself is a layer cake. There is a Spirit to this universe, an ultimate driving power that is Love as given by Yeshua whom is The Messiah. That title, that term, demands legalism - it has to be resolved. There are countless better men than I who have tumbled that stone into a pearl, who have clutched that ash to diamond. With regards to the material universe, as far as I can understand, The Messiah is a Meta-physical lense through which the light - referring specifically to the photon - ‘travels’ through Space-Time.

Messiah is derived from Ma’saahk (tricky glottal stops) which is a screen. You know, the sort to filter, to sift sand from clear water. Vermillion veils casting verdent tones.

That brings things back to GOD.


It also introduces the terrific (to inspire terror) complexity of The Lord God. The Most High.

And gods...

Back to the Garden.

Just before it.

These Six - they bring The World into being in ages, in epochs. YOM by YOM. There in is the Vedic Om, as an aside. From Dark to Dark, from Night to Day. Clumsily mistaken for “day” and reduced to the lowest common denominator in subtlety. Yes, a YOM can refer to any arbitrary 24 hour period of time.

In 24 hours a planet can collide with another planet, the impact echoing into the eternal void.

Not all days have the same weight.

In stages They Who Have Created These bring about the material universe, and each of these acts is Judged by The CREATOR. “And it was Good.” Very dramatic.

TOV. Correct. As in Etz Ha’Da’ath Tov Ua’Ra. V’RA is of interest here, understood as evil yet quite literally meaning “And [negation of the previous term]”

“There’s this plant, man. They say if you just, like, eat it you get to see how They see man!” The Tree of Knowledge of What is Correct and Everything Else. That’s not quite a duality, it’s a measure of razor sharpness. Think of it not as a binary scale, but the origin of a multi-dimensional space - in the mathematical sense. In the physical sense this implies a single, predestined, permanent patterning to the endless perturbations possible within the physical plane.

And so, the implication here is that there was an event in the history of the evolution of mankind - Ha’Adamah - where some pet to a god in a Garden ate some psychoactive fruit that gave it a glimpse of the Real. Perhaps it was a literal moment in time, just another day on a blue marble swirling some insignificant sun, where the 7th Day began. If the Lord is the Word, then His rest is silence.

From that moment, the previously harmonic patterning of existence shattered. It was the moment that Free Will was first exercised, which could imply that it was only by disobeying ELOHIM - specifically not YHWH ELOHIM - and eating of the fruit did Adam even develop that faculty.

Sympathy for the Devil

Before Adam ate of the fruit he was an unconscious being. He was an animal - the perfect animal. Driven solely by instinct, doing automatically without pause, simply Being. It was in his instinct not to eat of the fruit as if a voice in his head demanded he not do it. And as us adulterers and fornicators here know all too well, a woman can fuck with your gut something fierce. Too often it is dramatized that Eve seduced Adam, she tempted him, the sweet scarlet stain of nectar on her lips. The first recorded use of lipstick. And then they knew each other, that somehow before that there wasn’t a dribble of sexual tension between them and then suddenly they’re fucking. And Cain is conceived. Personally, romantically, I wonder if Adam recognized Eve’s Sin, that he knew she was damned for it, and chose to follow her out of Love. To be damned beside her.

However unlikely, it’s likely that consciousness arose in part this way. The introduction of heavily psychoactive flora into the diet of the predecessor of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, coupled with extreme enviromental pressures selecting nearly exclusively for consciousness over a short period of time. An evolutionary bottlenecking. Yes, the trite Stoned Ape theory, yet anyone who is realized enough and under the affects of psylocybin or dmt knows there’s something ineffible about human and fungal consciousness comingled. There’s something there, as those saints at John Hopkin’s are fighting to prove. Some of them. Others probing... Regardless.

Consciousness. Crackling electromagnetic waves clicking between specific patterns by the millisecond. These waves are ingrained through recursion. This is where the devil is in the details. Adam has free will, he fell willingly. This could imply that the first demonic brainwaves were induced in mankind by mankind itself. That’s the easiest way to translate what demons and devils and devas are in clinical, stupid, secular tongue. That the gods are the voices in your head, the feelings you feel, your muscles moving. Some of these processes are automatic, like the beating of your heart, as if commanded by GOD. We create our demons, personally and interpersonally, socially. And these demons and deities aren’t just social mores or metaphorical language or memetic generation, they’re electromagnetic plasma - buzzing at specific quantized frequencies. A miasma in the otherwise crystaline ether. That may be too poetic, as there is always that cosmic microwave background radiation.


Dear Reader, you know I’ve gotten lost by this point.

This is an amalgamation of thoughts, inspired by threads such as this and this and this.

If anyone has insight or references regarding the Tree or the Fall, or any other ideas presented above, be pleased to provide. As that first thread has been closed, I would also like to explore those themes in line with psychedelics as an instrument to connect with GOD or instances of experiencing the demonic.

Works concerning any ideas above would be greatly appreciated, such as those by saints or the early church fathers or mystics of other traditions. There’s more than enough Chariot of the Gods and Gnosticism above to warrant burning at the stake.
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RE: The Details of the Devil
There is no worse way to come to and appreciate genuine spirituality than to poison your brain and mistake the subsequent damage for illumination. Very easy way for demons to get in, as with hypnotism, "astral projection," or any other practice that suspends or breaks the "critical factor" in your mind that separates the conscious from the subconscious. It's there for a reason and the Church teaches discernment in not mistaking powerful visual experiences for what they appear to be. Every Church Father and theologian who ever commented on Genesis disagreed with all that you've written, because their experiences of the "supernatural" (a misnomer) were healthy gifts of God's grace and not forced upon their brain cells by drugs. They also stayed very far away from gnostic writings, which are demonic mockeries of divine wisdom. Subsequently, if you want to understand the mysteries of God, purify your body and mind and give your life over to Him. There is no other way to even scratch the surface of what Scripture is attempting to communicate, but the Holy Spirit will help you understand once you have received Him. So will reading patristic commentaries on the text instead of the Zohar or any other Kabbalistic nonsense.

And for the record, sobriety will also help your prose be more coherent.

Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity and best-selling author of "On The Masons And Their Lies."
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RE: The Details of the Devil
Here is Father Seraphim Rose, one of the modern Orthodox experts on this topic before his repose (and afterwards via his books and lectures), explaining our view of these topics:

Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity and best-selling author of "On The Masons And Their Lies."
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RE: The Details of the Devil
The devil is a fallen angel. He was and most probably still is, the most beautiful creature ever created. He was thrown out of Heaven, because he wanted to be worshipped. Only God is to be worshipped. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
11-08-2019 10:33 AM
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RE: The Details of the Devil
Not a good idea to state "I bring blasphemy" after I instituted the anti-blasphemy rule. Two-week suspension.

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