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Lambda School & Data science
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Lambda School & Data science
Has anyone heard of it ? Know of anyone successful with it ? I'm considering doing this online bootcamp coding thing part time . I don't have much time to commit except in the evenings and some weekends.

I'm looking at the data science program they offer.

Apparently you can do this course without having to pay back anything until you make 50k in that career field.
I'm just so tired of working in logistics and would like a better chunk of pie to eat from.

Any thoughts on Data science/analysts and lambda School appreciated.

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RE: Lambda School & Data science
Bootcamps are a good idea in general, seems like a great why to get your foot in the door. Better than school. I remember going to school and being pissed that I had to learn a whole bunch of unnecessary bullshit. Obviously, bootcamps skip all that jazz.

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11-08-2019 11:34 AM
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RE: Lambda School & Data science
Bootcamps are good if you pick a good one. A lot of them are rip offs though, so be careful. I'm self taught, but I was lucky to have an employer that allowed me to learn on their time. I wish bootcamps would have been a thing when I learned.
11-08-2019 06:47 PM
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RE: Lambda School & Data science
Lambda School recently gained Jeff Morris Jr. as Director of Product, Growth. He previously led revenue products at Tinder. Whatever your opinion is about Tinder, there is no denying that it's one of the most successful apps of all time from a revenue perspective. His job is largely to act as an influencer to establish credibility for Lambda School in tech/VC circles. I see his joining as a positive for the school.

The problem with doing the Data Science program is the competition. Your hypothetical competitor who is trying to break into the field is Yanfei. She has the brains to be a software engineer, but wants a less intense job, so that she can more easily raise her kids. Her husband is a software engineer. Yanfei has a master's degree in applied mathematics from a fairly prestigious university. She knows R and Python, has built numerous models, and has taken a lot of statistics courses. Even so, she is finding it difficult to break into the Data Science field. Or she is already a Data Analyst, but is having difficulty moving to Data Scientist. For the latter position she is being beaten out by candidates with PhDs.

If you go the Data Science route, my suggestion would be to focus on visualization and presentation. Toastmasters would help for the latter skill. A lot of Data Science people are brilliant mathematically, but struggle to present their ideas due to language barrier, poor social skills, or poor presentation skills.

As I've referenced above, Data Science also heavily skews towards credentialism, as it is more academically oriented. There are huge gaps between where you can go with a PhD vs. Masters vs. Bachelors. A boot camp is like showing up with a spork to a gun fight.

It is possible, but I think you would have to differentiate yourself pretty strongly. Nate Silver only has a BA for example, and he is probably the most well known statistician. He got famous for his analysis of political data that he published on a blog.

In terms of market demand, the other Lambda paths are more viable in my opinion:

Full Stack Web Dev
iOS Dev

These are more front-end oriented, so there is more creativity required, which makes it harder for math types to directly compete with you. There is a strong market for people that are good in these areas. Credentials are not as much of an issue. The lack of a computer science degree makes getting the first job very difficult, but once you have the first job, it becomes much easier to get the next one. The great equalizer is LeetCode, so it is more of a meritocracy.
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11-09-2019 01:31 AM
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