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LTR is short
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RE: LTR is short
I don't think it's as big of deal in modern times because now you can give your kids HGH injections to make them taller.
11-26-2019 04:21 PM
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RE: LTR is short
I think it'd be a mistake to move away from marriage with an otherwise deserving candidate solely on the matter of height.

You're short and doing just fine; it's conceivable your sons, should you have any, will as well.

If you don't get married to this woman solely over fears about height, you've got another problem you should work through and it's nothing to do with anyone but yourself.

11-28-2019 12:03 AM
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RE: LTR is short
Will go against the grain here and say this is a legitimate issue OP.

Every parent wants to provide the best for their children, and what many don't realize is that genetics plays a major part in that. Certain inherent advantages bestowed upon a child allows him/her to "win from the starting line" as some say in Asia.

There is a 50% chance you will have a girl, and height or the lack of it will pose little to no concern. However, as a man, you cannot be expected to be evaluated just by the resources you provide in this day and age. Your exterior is becoming more and more paramount as modern feminism and women's economic independence grows with each passing day. The difficulties a man of below average height will face not only in the dating market, but also in the corporate world, is something only he will know, whether he admits it's an issue or not. Hence, the possibility of having a boy is what triggers this dilemma.

Short girls are usually the ones who are more selective about their partner's height, and it could be part obsession/fascination but most would admit that having taller offspring by "breeding out" the shortness is something on their mind. This is something average height girls may not consider as much simply because they have not experienced the short spectrum of life, just like average/tall men who think this is could be a total non-issue.

It is not simply a question of "tall children vs devoted mother", it is about achieving a balance without resorting to extremes and to counter what your personal genetic makeup cannot provide. There are certain traits that have been proven to be determined more by genes than nurture and education, height and IQ are two of them. By no means am I suggesting these are the only determinants of success in life, and by no means am I suggesting you to dump her, but to believe this is just a matter of vanity is nonsense. You have to consider your options to achieve the best balance.
11-28-2019 06:35 PM
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RE: LTR is short
The most successful man I know is short. 5'5"ish. Snagged the hottest girl in a nearly all male college, has three children, flew jets in the Airforce for a decade and now makes 200k flying commercially.
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11-28-2019 08:18 PM
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RE: LTR is short
I would not recommend ditching a good girl because she's tiny but yeah, height matters. I'm 6'2, the ideal height for a man. Most of my life I had no game, but women still fell into my lap from time to time. I don't think that would have happened if I had been 5'5 and equally awkward.

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11-28-2019 10:26 PM
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RE: LTR is short
Im also short and I can relate to you. I didn't help you that much in my previous post here, but 5'6 still isn't short for a woman. Of course I understand that that was an example and not your girl. I'm shorter than you. I also had shorter girls (5'3-4) with tall brothers. You can also look into that (are her male relatives short or not?).

That said, with your height I wouldn't worry that much,. I had a short girl like yours, and I had the same issues. But there were other things (behavioural) that brought us apart. If she ticks all the boxed I wouldn't discard her for this.

But I can understand the biology, and it's kinda fucked for short men (Im talking shorter than you) to be in this loop, because we don't want the same for our children. For me the best would be a girl of 5'4-5'8, I don't even prefer the tallest but I would prefer just a bit shorter than me.
11-29-2019 02:35 PM
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RE: LTR is short
One factor we are overlooking is extreme size differences may be harmful to the mother during pregnancy.

A teacher of mine's partner was 19 inches taller than her, and she sustained a long term back injury.

All else being equal, I'd prefer someone about half a foot shorter than me as I'm big and want my future sons to experience the same privilege.

That and don't want neck pain.
11-30-2019 02:59 AM
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