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Monterrey overall perception
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Monterrey overall perception
I've been to Mexico a few time (in TJ to be exact) and always had a great time while visiting. After reading some of the information regarding the cultural values of women in Mexico, I decided to go and visit Monterrey for one week. I figured it would be a great place to visit and perhaps find a potential wife.

-Day 1 and 2-

I land at the airport and book a taxi to my hotel in the city center near Barrio Antiguo. After unpacking, I decided to walk over to Barrio Antiguo which was only a 3 block from my hotel. While on route to Barrio, my first impression or thought was this city isn't run down and it seems to have a 2nd world feel to it.

The women made eye contact and seemed friendly. I would say they looked a bit better in the face than the women in TJ but lacked in overall shape. If you like full figured women with curves, you're going to be disappointed in Monterrey. Secondly, they are not as attractive as you'd expect. I'm not saying they are unattractive, they just seemed a bit underwhelming. There was simply noting extraordinary about their overall appearance. In TJ, you'd at lease see a few women with curves in all the desired places. There are exceptions but you won't find them in sufficient numbers to make it worth your time. This of course is my opinion, some may disagree.

Night Life:
I went clubbing in the Barrio Antiguo area and didn't venture ( I'll explain why later) to the others parts of Monterrey. The clubs were packed with a fairly young crowd of people but it was a sausage fest. It wasn't as bad as what I've seen here in the US but bad enough to make it annoying. You could try chatting with some of the locals within the bars as they do at times express interested but I was not liking the selection so I passed on that opportunity. Drinks are inexpensive and the clubs were fairly close to one another. If your searching for a wife, this is not the scene for you. You'll see people in tight nit groups often, hence the sausage fest issue but as stated before, some of the stragglers tend to express interest. Your main issue will be weather or not you find them attractive.

Day 3:
I was suppose to be in Monterrey for one full week and barely into my third day, I had to abruptly leave the county. Why?..... I was getting ready to head out early to the Barrio Antiguo area around 6:30 pm and hailed a cab about one block from my hotel. The first cab driver that stopped didn't understand any English and with my limited Spanish speaking ability I had to pass. A second cab driver nearby says he understands some English so I go over and tell him where I wanted to go and asked what the price would be before entering the cab. Once he tells me the price, which was about 50 pesos (the typical going rate) I agreed and entered the cab. From that point on things seemed OK, but as he drove I notice he suddenly takes a sharp turn and we are now in a dark ally way. I'm thinking, is this some kind of short cut. Just as that thought crossed my mind I knew I was in trouble. The cab driver stopped the car in the ally and left the engine running. Within 20 seconds two guys approach the cab, one sat in the seat behind me and the other was by the passenger window where I was seated. The guy by the window tells me to relax while other guys starts grabbing things out of my pocket... wallet, cash, smart phone all taken from my pocket. Then the diver starts yelling demanding that I tell him what the pin number of my cards are. While trying to remain calm, I told him one of the pin numbers knowing it wouldn't work since the cards were not authorized for usage in Mexico. The guy in the back seat (after I tell him that one of the ID's is my military ID) gives me my drivers license and Military ID back, opens the door, tells me to get out and they speed off. I immediately ran to a nearby mom and pop shop and ask them to call an uber for me, head back to the hotel and booked a flight leaving the next morning.

Overall impression:
I have been to many countries (to include those in Europe, Asia, Canada, Central and South America) over the years and have never experienced anything like this. Mexico can seem like a relaxing place on the surface but beneath it all lies opportunist waiting for the ideal time to take advantage of you. I could have been killed for some cash and a smartphone. Every time someone speaks to you their third or fourth question is something along the lines of "are you alone?". I naturally say no but in a place like this, you're being watched even when you least expect it.

I arrived in Monterrey and within 3 days was robbed and potentially killed if they perhaps didn't notice my military ID which probably scared them off. I think given the lack of real attractiveness among the women and the danger that seems to get worst by the minute, one has to ask, is it really worth it when there are other more safe alternatives to Mexico at the moment.
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RE: Monterrey overall perception
Travel threads can't be framed around picking up or checking out women for casual rewards.

11-20-2019 10:03 PM
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