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The Anti-Clown World thread
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RE: The Anti-Clown World thread
I think Lutheran Public Radio runs traditional music 24h a day and it's a ministry of the Missouri Synod Lutherans, not the mainline (and almost fully pozzed) ELCA.
12-01-2019 03:53 PM
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RE: The Anti-Clown World thread
(11-29-2019 09:13 PM)Roosh Wrote:  I think this thread would be more successful if it was called "The White Pill thread"... where white pill usually means something hopeful.

Yes, I agree. This is what I thought this thread was when I first saw it.

It seems like more of a funeral / mourning vibe, where we are talking about something that has gone forever and is never coming back. It lacks hope.

Sure - it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but the world hasn't gone to hell just yet.

There is still unlimited beauty out there to captivate our hearts, still many people living happy lives and being happily married with happy kids (with realistic level of expectation being required).

Right now, somewhere in the world, some kids soccer team just won their school final, someone is helping an old lady cross the street, someone is falling in love, etc etc.

Surely there are some news headlines or stats on things that can give us hope? If 50% of marriages end in divorce then 50% don't. Of those 50% that don't maybe half of those are happy. Why can't we be part of that 25%? (and further to this, are our expectations of 'happy', wrong?)

There is a reality out there we need to deal with however a more powerful force is that our reality becomes what we focus on the most.

Here is one. I have just started listening to a Christian radio station here in Melbourne. City size 4.8 million. It's a great station to listen to, no swearing, no degenerative mumble rap, uplifting music, positive messages and bible teaching snippets throughout the day (on raising kids, conflict resolution, etc), call-ins from people getting clean from drugs/alcohol, high quality production value and hosts (you'd think you're listening to a regular commercial station), ads from Christian business sponsors, regular charity drives to provide food for homeless people. You can listen online as well. This is new and pretty unusual in Australia. It's called Light FM and the frequency is 89.9 FM, which used to be Joy FM (a gay/homosexual radio station). The station claims they have 1 million viewers each month (20%). Seems too high but maybe they're right?
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12-02-2019 07:52 PM
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RE: The Anti-Clown World thread
(11-27-2019 11:42 AM)Days of Broken Arrows Wrote:  
(11-27-2019 11:04 AM)Roosh Wrote:  What do you mean by "In Praise Of The Disappearing Old World"? The Old World is usually referred to as one of tradition, monarchy, Christianity, etc.

I didn't know the phrase "old world" signified something specific. I'm using it colloquially. The phrase "Old Culture" would have been more to the point.

Specifically, I'm mourning the loss of the culture the U.S. had up to about the 2000s, before Clown World gradually started seeping into our institutions. There was no monarchy, but there definitely were traditions and Christianity.

Subconsciously, people absorbed all of that and it created the way we all related to each other as well as the general belief system of most citizens. You didn't have to be Christian to act on the values in that religion. Since most people were Christian and somewhat religious, you were living in their culture and behaved accordingly (for the most part).

In other words "do unto others" and the idea of "sin" were in the collective unconscious. You saw that reflected in business (where corporate raiders were considered immoral), in families (where couples kept it together and made it work), and even in the media and pop music (where they kept their liberalism/perversions in check because they knew they'd alienate their audience if they didn't).

Little by little, the mainstream culture I grew up with has gotten dismantled. It was already falling apart in a lot of ways (like in women's studies departments), but those on the fringes of the culture were considered just that: The fringe.

Somehow these people became the mainstream. When they did things turned upside down. Once upon a time, you could say you voted for Reagan, or you were pro-life, or you were against gay rights without fear. People would disagree, but it would stop there. You wouldn't have your life and career wrecked.

I see us now as living in a totally different culture, where the oddest, freakiest people not only hold sway, but keep the general populace living in fear and paranoia. Hence, Clown World and my nostalgia for what I termed the old world.

IMO, this "new culture" as it were, may be mainstream, perhaps, but its an imposed culture and a culture that the other culture (Christian et al) never wanted. The evidence of this is easy to spot. Its all being forced onto us. Why create a lesbian anti-male batwoman when its clearly doing poorly and, therefore, not making money? New culture notwithstanding, the exact mechanism I suspect would be an internal "change agent" operating in the studios insisting that this is created and then threatening to picket if its not. No consideration given to the economic reality of this project at all, rather, pure ideology. Moreover there now exists codes in entertainment that mandate that all females are portrayed as strong and perfect, ditto for other aggrieved people such as homosexuals. This is so systemic that it is very much stifling creativity because you are no longer allowed to develop characters...the homosexual or female character is already written. Wash rinse and repeat everywhere else.

You see, its forced. Just today, for instance, RamzPaul did a video on a new United Airlines ad that is woke. Here again, such an ad is not optimized to sell seats on their aircraft but to push a specific singular culture that no one asked for and no one, save for a minority, wants. Yet, United did it anyway despite being in a highly competitive market with thin profit margins. It makes no sense until you realize that the ideology behind it is hostile.

And above it all sits intersectionality or the "progressive stack", which, true to form, is a construct that has been utterly imposed and forced onto society without any consultation from the voting public whatsoever. This is the fountainhead of clown world, because intersectionality takes people who, sorry to say, would otherwise not be on the top on any competence hierarchy and puts them on top of everything. Ergo, why it all seems so absurd or ridiculous. For example, the proverbial girl next door is a doll tooting, care bear, cup cake princess with spaghetti thin arms and not an aggressive bone in her body. Yet, this person, who by the way, may sit high in some hierarchies, nonetheless is not at all high in say the hierarchy of fighting. The imposed culture sees this a bigger injustice than murder and reconciles it in the manner that Procrustes treated his guests. A la the abomination of "rey" from shit wars. The essence of rey is disagreeable on all levels and downright obnoxious if not entirely insulting.

There is good news. shit wars, batwomen, charlies angels are all tanking. I feel there is rumblings in the zeitgeist...people do not want this culture. Nobody wants a bearded 13 year old girl on hormone blockers as their hero. We all know that such a person is wretched and not worthy of emulation. Such a person knows this all to well, but, succumbs to their ego as they succumbed to their other impulses and despite the horrible damage they may cause, they have no remorse. Its all about them. Make no mistake, we all see the inversion of virtue here.

This forum may be some small corner of the internet, but, the angst we share and, most importantly, the rejection of the imposed culture is not as uncommon as we're led to believe. I am 100% certain we're now living in a multi-cultural society. We are one of the multiple cultures in this society. One important observation is that we have absolutely nothing in common with this clown world culture...after all we don't believe in things like killing babies to have more reckless sex, castrating children and having sex with children. Ahem, those are all the things this imposed culture believes is good. And, as follows, there is no compromise here. How can I compromise with a pedophile? How this plays out is anyone's guess, but, believe me, this new "mainstream" culture isn't as strong as we think it is.
12-03-2019 01:42 PM
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