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Traits of the most convenient Wife/Life partner for a Man with Purpose
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Traits of the most convenient Wife/Life partner for a Man with Purpose
Hi everybody!

This is a main question that has been surrounding my head since two years(now I'm 28 yeras old)

I consider that I've lived my sexual life crazy enough to get tired of ONS, getting laid just for the sake of doing in this stage of my life I just want to share with a girl that have brain, pretty, and is sexy enough to make my boner harder than steel, without thinking that "I'm missing something outside"(I mean, the opportunity cost of the girls I'm not fucking for being with her..) answer that properly, I think that we have to dig deeper, so I asked myself some other questions, such as:

-1)Why I'm with that person?

-2)Does that person help me to become the best version of myself?How does she contribute to me or I can contribute to her?

-3)Am I able to be 100 % myself or do I have to repress some aspects of my personality while staying with her?

I can answer the previous questions:

1)I consider that I can't be with someone just because I need sex, or fulfill some kind of emptyness or fearing being alone

I think it's equally important that she's not with you for those same reasons.

The mindset must be somehow like "I'm a complete human being, so if I choose being with someone, she must be a complement for me, being positive for each other".

I've learned by mistakes that I musn't be with a girl just because of fearing being alone, or looking for external validation.

2)In this day and age...what's the point of being with someone if that's not because of improving each other somehow? Just because of reproductive purposes doesn't make sense anymore.

Just think that nowadays we, as men, can use surrogacy to have kids(Just to let you know it that's the main or main purpose you're thinking when looking to be with a woman, be honest with yourself).

Before, I was crazy about eastern european women, I lived in Lithuania for one you can imagine..just to realise that most of them they're not truly themselves...they're just robots programmed to get married early. The same opposite I can say of those western women that are criticised here..They're not being themselves either, they're just victims of these present times. Both of them didn't choose who they really wanted to be.

I concluded that when I observed how most of eastern european women changed their mind when they went to live and settle down into western countries..I thought...what the fuck! That traditional sweet women it's not the same anymore!

Yes, I had lithuanian girlfriends in the past Wink

I tried and lived the best and the worst faces of western and eastern europe concerning to this aspect..

I have also meet western feminist masculine girls that decided not to follow that ideology anymore, and become truly themselves after that, turning into feminine or just more "aware/awake/conscious" people.

3) Being yourself 100 % with someone, and at the same time pussing each other to become the best version of yourself... it may be something that sounds quite idyllic at the beginning..but those girls/Kind of relationships do they exist...

At the end I have realised it's just a matter of doing deep personal development work to become the best version of yourself(keeping an eye on your ego at the same time), and if you want to share your life with someone, find a girl that have also interest in personal development somehow , and has become a good and valuable person in the ways that you desire most.

I share with you some books that truly changed my life, and helped me to see reality nowadays the way I do:

Ego Is the Enemy

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

The Rational Male

My road hasn't been easy, lot of trial and error, some big existencial and vital crisis, and lof of innecesary suffering that I produced to myself.

If you have any question, please, feel free to ask me Smile

What do you think about the topic? guys, feel free to share your thoughts and main worries about it..

peace and love

PS: If you know useful articles/websites/videos concerning this topic, feel free to share it
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11-29-2019 05:47 PM
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RE: Traits of the most convenient Wife/Life partner for a Man with Purpose
And what is your "purpose"?

11-29-2019 08:08 PM
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RE: Traits of the most convenient Wife/Life partner for a Man with Purpose
Rather than think about what traits the girl has think about what you can offer.

You want a girl who you can give attention to. Listen to her. Make her laugh. Give her money. Bang her good. Give her babies. Be generous dude and stop thinking about yourself. Offer all the stuff you have and if she don't want it who cares. If you don't want to offer it stay single.

Part of going to the gym is to look good for women. Also for general health. Having wealth is for your children and their children. Don't be banging a girl until you marry her. You need to get your game on son.
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11-30-2019 02:55 AM
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