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Intersectionality is an abomination
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Intersectionality is an abomination
Intersectionality is a scourge on society, if for no other reason that it clearly derived from leftist "progressives".

Aggrieved minorities (or majority as it pertains to women) are obnoxious asshats, that much is true and why we're here. We all have "rights" and there is no structural bias now that we're all "equal" under the law. Had aggrieved minorities stop at just that, we'd be living in a much better world. But, stopping was never their intention. Intersectionality shows you were they intend to take all of us.

The issue with intersectionality is that it's introducing an entirely new hierarchy that intends to reign over society. That this thing was never voted on or vetted by way of any democratic process, to my knowledge, is chilling enough, but, it gets worse. What is intersectionality but a way for the most wretched among us to gain power over all of us. In many respects the leftists are right, a black lesbian, cross dresser who is not very attractive, not very bright, not very good for anything and, above all, is sub-optimal/excluded from the mating pool is, a marginalized individual. But, said person is justly marginalized. I think the issue all of us are having with these people is that its not that we hate them its that their condition, be it homosexual or cross dressing or being a +300 lbs female oaf that smells (ref: prof niama lowe), is not a desirable condition at all, in fact, we are rightly repulsed by it. Who would want to live like them? And that's the rub. Because, like rey and batwomen, this new "hierarchy" is trying to make themselves into our national heroes. And that is one hell of an egregious and disgusting thing.

People at the top of the intersectional hierarchy (or progressive stack), are left side of bell curve distribution people. Consider the current reigning monarch(s) are most certainly cross dressers. Cross dressers are people who are NOT, contrary to what they say, confused about their sex, rather, they are people so wretched they deny their true selves. But it goes further than that, they hate their true selves and with such vigor that they construct imaginary selves as an escape. In short, they're running from themselves. Perhaps they have good reason, everyone struggles with "who they are", but, the correct way is to accept who you are warts and all. They do not. Is that a prescription for success in life? Can one expect to go very far in life with such an attitude? No, of course not.

Such a mentality is the antithesis of what is necessary to survival and flourish. This, gentlemen, is what "they" by way of this deranged and illegitimate ideology, intersectionality, have declared as our hero and, therefore, our cultural/societal standard. I believe it gets worse, if that's possible, because I doubt that the people enjoying their new elevated station in life, appreciate the immense consequences that comes with this. After all, are we all supposed to castrate ourselves and engage in sodomy? How can anyone be sodomized anymore if we're all castrated? I digress. I suspect very much that these people have not thought at all about what they've done, rather, they're doing what we all knew they'd do as predicted by human nature. They're eating it up.

Ego. Or better yet, pride, one of the worst sins.

rey and batwomen are only the beginning. The new james bond is now a black female. Ah ha! A female, but black! See the trend. Moreover, the wrongness of this is revealed by how they portray these characters as perfect. rey ruined the heroes quest. She's just perfect at everything by default, which is egotistical for sure, but its also completely unrealistic even for a cultural archetype. The heroes quest personifies life and all its ups and downs. It relates to common experience because even the hero is not perfect. The new intersectional hero is nothing of the sort, which is grating for sure, but, underscores a deeper flaw, namely, it speaks not to how "strong" these people are, but, how utterly weak and fragile they are. Their heroes have to be perfectly polished, any blemish would, presumably, trigger and disturb their fragile fantasy. If this seems incoherent or confusing it is because these people were never meant to be heroes. It falls apart even in our imagination because it is so detached from the common experience.

Last point and perhaps the most chilling. As mentioned above, there appears to be some deep character flaws with these people...and that is an understatement. These are severely damaged individuals. Now, for most damage people pity is appropriate, but, not when they seek to rule over us. As evidence of their toxicity, look at how reason and rationality and even common decency are declining in, of all places, academia. But then again, should we be so surprised? Damaged people are not reasonable, especially when their agitated and especially when you give them power.

A damaged person is not a standard anyone should follow or emulate. But, the problem is people are gullible and when you have entire institutions like the media and academia declare with gusto who the new heroes are, people, like it or not, take notice. And by making these people "heroes" we risk having otherwise normal people not only look up to them but emulate their behaviors. That is terrible for many reasons. Does anyone really want to live in a world were people act like prof niama lowe? Were already seeing this take hold. Its now all about "you're already good enough". A mass produced song declares "you don't have to change the world can change its heart". Again, this expectation that the world revolves around about a character flaw. This has engendered things like fat acceptance and body positivity and shaming advertisements with fit women. The people at the top of this hierarchy are miserable cretins and since this pyramid endeavors to elevate only the worst of us, we get the worst of us, which means we get the ones that want to world to burn. Their hatred towards conservatives, a la Goldstein from 1984, are really their own inner hatred of themselves, which is the worst of all hatreds. Its just been redirected from them to others. But they'll continue to hate themselves all the more and will seek to bring us all down to their miserable level.

Just think if they win an election and they get control of nuclear weapons. The good news is their cultural influence is showing signs of faltering...the most recent "woke" charlies angels and batwomen and shit wars are indications of a wider rejection.

All I can say is keep it up. Before the sickness of socialism infected the west, we worshiped God, which made us look up as the Cathedrals eloquently suggested. This made us strive for bigger things, to keep moving upwards or forwards to not settle on our current status but to improve. You may not believe in God, but, you will believe in something, intersectionality will see to that. And you will worship them if we don't stop them now.
12-02-2019 05:12 PM
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RE: Intersectionality is an abomination
The big problem with intersectionality, which I think doesn't get enough attention, is that it conflates status that is largely outside of one's control, such as race and born socio-economic status, with bad personal decisions, like homosexuality, transgenderism, and obesity. In fact, I think the most elements of intersectionality come down to personal choice - even choices like religion. This incentivizes people with the opportunity to ascend the Victim Hierarchy to make even worse decisions to gain more points.

The reason why society doesn't cater to the whims of mulatto transgender Muslim homeless parapeligic women is because they're a microscopic minority whose personal issues have absolutely no bearing on over 99% of people. Society should be set up to benefit the broadest range of people - namely, Heritage Americans of European descent. But under the deranged funhouse mirrors of Marxist ideology, sensible societal structures are re-designated as Oppression! This is all a bunch of semantic gerrymandering designed to convince the average person that reasonable social structures that work for the majority of people are actually evil.

Others who are willing to play the same game should have most, if not all, of the same opportunities accessible - take East Asian immigrants, for example, who have been very successful, even those arriving in poverty after the Vietnam War. American/European society is incredibly accommodating in this regard - despite your best efforts to integrate in Japanese culture, you'll never be seen as Japanese, but most American towns will probably welcome the non-Heritage American who's willing to play by the rules.

Intersectionality is fundamentally an ideology built upon an edifice of grudges. The solution isn't to destroy society in the name of catering to the biggest freaks, but to ditch self-destructive lifestyles and live according to the Heritage American rules. But of course, (((some random people))) who have a long history of grudge-holding can't have that, so the cultivated freaks of intersectionality are expendable shock troops for their cause.
12-02-2019 09:50 PM
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RE: Intersectionality is an abomination
I'm glad I don't know what "Intersectionality" is. It sounds pretty gay.
12-02-2019 10:17 PM
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RE: Intersectionality is an abomination
You're definitely not wrong about that.
12-02-2019 10:29 PM
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RE: Intersectionality is an abomination
Intersectionality is easy to understand. It's the attempt of low status people to gain higher status not based on what they do, but what they are. Acquiring status via merit requires intelligence, effort, resourcefulness, and a host of other positive traits. Intersectionality, meanwhile, just requires claiming victimhood.

It's yet another variant of Sailer's law of female journalism: "The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking."
12-03-2019 12:03 AM
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RE: Intersectionality is an abomination
"Intersectionality," just means hatred of white males.

Race is real. Sex is real. But, feminists have to pretend that they aren't. So, when black women want different things than Asian women, or when Swedish have a different interpretation of equality than Islamic women, the group falls apart really quickly....

...Unless there is a boogeyman, which is white men.

The unity created by lies about nature and bogeymen is called intersectionality. Women, whatever your problem is, a white man created it somehow.

It's pretty easy to redpill women believing in intersectionality. It's pretty easy to get a woman to understand why different women want different things, which are not the same things she wants, once she allows herself to think that different people are different.

(Intersextionality is just a wall of text built around denying that different people are different)

By the way, "10 dollar word of the day calendar" words like intersectionality usually mean the speaker is lying to you but is also too dumb to lie to you in simpler terms.
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12-03-2019 01:47 PM
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