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The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]
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RE: The Rise of FDS [Female Dating Strategy]
(02-20-2020 03:20 PM)kel Wrote:  Life was too easy, wanton selfishness and individualism consumed the boomers in their formative years. They abandoned the stodgy ol' church. In response to this, the church mistakenly decided to try to appeal to this worst of human nature, to cast a wide net saying "Come back! We don't care who you are or what you do or how you live or what you believe, everything is equal, liberal hippie faggot Jesus loves everyone and encourages consooomerism, globalism, and all seven of the deadly sins." Who the fuck wants that kind of religion? It's understood that starting a business or a club or anything of the sort you need a focus, a narrative. You're not gonna be a good Thai restaurant and arepa shack and steakhouse and vegan macrobiotic cafe and furniture store and post office. You need to offer a coherent good or service and do it well (where "well" might mean "high-quality" or might mean "cheap and quick", but whichever it is you do that). Christianity went the other way, the church said "we stand for nothing, we demand nothing of you, we have no moral truths to offer you, we don't want to put anyone off so we'll just be nothing" and then were shocked to discover that people didn't come flocking back into that meaningless black hole.

Raw numbers are not a great singular goal.

Good ideas, generally true. For us realists (so called "right" thinkers/wingers) this kind of stuff bothers us, and to a great degree. It's sorta like the frustration I feel when I consider why people may not care one iota (or go against it entirely) about the idea of God and how we should therefore live our lives, life's real meaning. It is by definition the most important thing in life! Then it gets to be a deep rabbit hole when you consider what do people mean when they say "life"?

The truth is, we all have struggles with complacency, and degrees of maturity, both physically and spiritually have people all over the map, regardless of their chronological age. For those of us who are thinkers like I've described, it is a test of sorts to love people who are lost, confused, or un-love-able. It's our paradoxical calling and it's hard since some people refuse to even consider the truth. Most people just want rules based living (Pharisees) because they are simple, rigid, lazy, or all of the above, loving rules/order/power as worldly things. You see many fall into this trap, and it's actually a reason why theology and the proper teaching of it is quite important. Roman Catholicism, the main backbone of the west, has always had a huge guilt and rules based structure, which ultimately led to what we see and what kel talks about above. I think protestants have a shame based and confusing rules/rigidity with sola scriptura, but they are RC reactionaries and focuses on simpleton "saved" "damned" "elect" without any real context or contemplative history since they have so little reference, liturgical practice or tradition. One must rely on rules and mental shit like "I better just believe harder!' which is obviously foolishness.

Some things will definitely turn around, or at least we can hope and pray, because the spark of divine in most will allow them to at least understand how destructive and chaotic these globohomos are. The problem is that we are so used to the food, convenience, and security ... most of us will not think twice about the tradeoff to keep the status quo. I hope I'm wrong ...

Get your passport ready!
02-20-2020 10:18 PM
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