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New York City
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RE: New York City
(Yesterday 10:09 PM)jbkunt2 Wrote:  @khalidkcl

I’m British. I’ve lived in America for six years.

In NYC an English accent is not exotic. I meet/hear Brits on an almost daily basis.

Ask yourself; how exotic is an American accent in London? You will get the gist then.

Go to any medium sized city if you want to get points for being from England, e.g. Austin, Nashville, New Orleans. Great towns to visit too.

Sting even sang a song about this way back in 1987 (being an Englishman in New York) heh.

Today 12:15 AM
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RE: New York City
NYC report from my weekend visit two weeks ago, wanted to see what's happening in the winter. Sorry for long report.

Black Ceasar and RougeNoir, if you're reading, I was not able to check out places you suggested, definitely next trip.

It was a very cold night, I checked in at a airbnb in Williamsburg Friday evening and later that night decided to check out low end spots in LES and East Village. As I was headed there, I opened a cute brunnette girl from Spain at the subway, I had some anxiety as I had never approached on the subway before, but i just went for it.

Girl turned out to be quite friendly, talked about her travels and she seemed interested in me as she was asking personal questions. We get on the same train together and as she talks, I am thinking, "i need to find her logistics",

The train stops and we get off, as we headed out of the platform I ask what she is up to that night of which she says she is meeting her friends at a bar in LES, then I ask what she will be doing the next day to see if we can meet, to which she says she will be helping her friends move.

I made some newbie mistakes, I took these answers as low interested and decided to bail without even asking for a number. I should have suggested we continue our conversation at the bar I was going to, then catch up with her friends later as it was still super early. But I ejected and went on to the bars


Bob bar
The bar played a Iot of old school hip hop music, ratio was equal with mostly latinos and blacks, they were all in groups though. I approached a cute dark chocolate black chick with ass for days. She was friendly but her body language seemed to me that she was not interested so I ejected.

I then opened a group of five Ethiopian chicks, two of them seemed interested, quite attractive. Then immediately the leader of the pack who was not interested in me suggested that they go get drinks at the bar to which they all go, those two girls would rather listen to her than stay chatting with me.

I checked this place out, Massive meat market, I left immediately, there was literally no chick to talk to.

Penny Farthing
I went here next, what I noticed here is that dudes are aggressive and hence the bitch shields are high. It was around 12am and the place was crowded. I feel like the girls here are looking for a specific type of dude, the broey fratty Chad. It was way too crowded for me so I left.

Beauty bar
This was right across from Belfry. this to me was the best of all the places I checked out. Ratio was really good and the girls were quite attractive. Although most of the girls were in groups, they play 80s music, my kind of music. I opened a cute Puerto Rican who was receptive danced with her and then danced with her white friend.

Then I opened a cute Indian chick who was also receptive to me, as soon as I suggested a venue change, her boyfriend walks up out of know where to her. I decided to call it a night as it was about 2am and I was getting tired. I honestly had fun here.


On Saturday, I decided to do some daygame. I started with my airbnb roommate. Cute Asian girl from Atlanta, kind of looked like Mulan. We chatted a bit and she was was interested. She asked, " so what are you up to today?" I said, " I am gonna be exploring the city," I suggested we hang out later that evening at a spot in Williamsburg, to which she agreed I took her number and left. Went to a cafe in the neighborhood anxiety started to creep in there was a lot of girls who were coming and going.

I did some work while also looking at the cute girls that walked in and out, later I decided to head to Manhattan. It was cold outside so went to the Barnes and Noble close to Central Park. I saw a cute Latina and opened her as she was browsing books. We chat about the book she is holding. She didn't seem interested so I bailed. Went upstairs and saw a semi cute white girl from philly. She was quite friendly, and I thought philly girls were cold.

I tried to instant date her to which she replied that her boyfriend is in the area, so I ejected. I go to the cafe at the bookstore, and as I am getting a drink, I see a red head girl reading kindle, ever since my first bang, i am hooked on red heads. I immediately say to myself, " I am going to talk to her" as I head towards her.

I use the kindle she is reading to open her, we end up having a conversation and sheseemed interested. Turns out she is Dutch and English with a thick British accent. I suggested that she goes on a nyc adventure with me to which she surprisingly agrees. So I take her the NYPL a few blocks down from the bookstore.

She has never been there and she loves it, then I take her to the Highline, we ride the train to the Highline. As we walk through the Highline we chat and I try to break the touch barrier. We sit down to observe the views of Manhattan from the highline. As evening is coming in I forget about the date I set up with the Asian girl and I suggest we check out an Irish pub in the area with the redhead girl. I take her to the pub and she offers to buy the drinks because I showed her around. We end up splitting.

I found out that this girl is quite sexually open coming from the Netherlands. She told about these funny sex moves popular over there such as the "helicopter" where one cums on a woman by tirwling around his penis like the helicopter and cum goes everywhere on the woman.

She pulled up this app in dutch of which you get points for answering questions of all the kinky stuff you've done. I dont have much sexual experience, so I lied in all those questions to get high kinky points. Even then my points were three above hers. In my mind I was thinking, wow, this girl is slutty, i might get a same day lay, I am going to lead her to my bang location."

From here onwards I lost frame a bit as she wanted me to finish my beers of which I did, and I started to get tipsy. I decided to take her to the beauty bar spot that I went previous night.It was closer to my airbnb spot. Wow, this girl shit tested the fuck out of me on our way there. We finally got there, it was fairly crowded, my frame was kind of messed up as I was tipsy,. I got us drinks and we sat down.

I asked, "what excites you?" She said, "I prefer if you just asked me what turns me on." She then said, "sex is not gonna happen, I am on my period, so you have sex with girls on their period?"

I said, "yes if the chick is down then I'm down." Then she said she never has sex on her period because its nasty. Then I made out with her she kissed back biting my bottom lip, I kepped on stopping as it was right in front of people.She seemed to want to keep going but I preferred to do it in private.

So I told her to come to my Airbnb, she declined by saying, " Not that you will do it, but my friend said that she got raped by someone she knew, its still fresh in my mind so I am skeptical of going to your place."

To which I said " Why are you implying that we are gonna have sex? we are just gonna chill and listen to music." At this point I decided it's a lost cause and got her number, told her she is free to leave if she wants. She then said she will stay a bit, but I was not in the seductive mood anymore. She then told me next time I am in the city to contact her or whenever I visit Amsterdam to hit her up.

Then she decided to leave gave me a hug kissed me on my cheek, I kissed her on her lips and she left. I felt disappointed and tried to reconnect with my Airbnb Asian roommate for the date but my phone service was off. I decided to call it a night and went home to sleep. Over all it was a good practice trip, made a lot of mistakes but I learned through my mistakes. NYC is definitely good in the winter, I am definitely going back again soon.
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