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Post your workout routine here
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RE: Post your workout routine here
I've been lifting for a while now since I was 15. I'm 24 now.
I used to do gym stuff all the time, then realized I could just stop and start again whenever I felt like it. So now I do 3 months on, 3 months off, more or less. with basic exercises in between those periods. I'm always biking, walking and running, so it's no big deal. Basically I go to the gym until I get bored of it, then switch to running every once in a while and some pushups here and there until I get the workout itch again.

It's not conventional, but it's what I do and that's all there is to it. I think there's a happy medium between working out all the time and never doing it at all.

I never write anything down.

When I do go to the gym, I'm only on the treadmill for at most 5mins just to warm up and get loose. at the beginning.

at the beginning of a major 3-month workout stretch, for the first couple days I'll take a run outside, do pushups and do a lot of high rep low weight work to get my body acclimated. Squats with just the bar, lunges, etc.

I think supplements are important. I take two things: True Mass and No-Xplod. And a lot of water. Shake in the morning, NoXplod before a workout, shake right after noxplod. shake after workout, shake before bed.

I'll eat whatever I feel like eating. I rarely ever get above 160lbs.
When I'm not at the gym I stay between 145-155lbs. depending on how well I'm eating.

I have an amazing workout playlist.

Two most important exercises to me and what I base my whole workout on:

I usually start every other workout at the squat rack.
I usually do 4-5sets, increasing weight, starting at 15, 12, 10, 8, 8
I like to do cool down sets with no weight until i want to throw up.
so theres closure.

1. Every type of squat.
2. Walking lunges with dumbbell weight
3. step ups with dumbbell weight.
NO LEG PRESS. unless im bored and just want to fuck around.
4. calf raises
5. sprints

1. Dead lifts
2. bent over rows
3. stand up rows.
4. sit down rows
5. lat pull downs
6. pull ups until you want to die.

Arms: (least fav workout)
1. curls
2. that 8count exercise with a barbell where you do a push up throw legs back and stand up.
3. grab a barbell, close grip it palm down and lift from prone up to chin.
4. various tri exercises.

Abs. I do abs every workout. I'll hang on a bar and do leg lifts until i cant do them. then ill chain up a 45lb. to my waist.
obliques i do with a dumbbell standing up.
ill hit a decline bench and knock out 50+sit ups. then grab a 10lb weight and do them with that over my head so i can literally feel my abs tearing apart.
I do lower back on that thing where you extend forward. ill do it with a 45 plate.

Basically I try to make every move a power move, so it incorporates cardio. and i try not to rest between sets, doing either pushups or getting in a plank position, or both.

I make sure to stretch after and relax. then i get in a jacuzz. then i dive in the pool, do a couple laps. then i hit the shower. I feel like i can move mountains. i like to play basketball and my workout is way different when i"m playing.
02-28-2012 03:31 AM
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RE: Post your workout routine here
M,W - Kickboxing training 1 hour
Th - Rugby practice 2 hours
Wednesday - V02 Max training with kettlebells (not going well, trying to get leaner)

Saturday, Sunday, (sometimes Monday), Tuesday & Thursday
Same basic routine:

Full Pushups: Two sets of roughly ten reps
Close Squat: Two sets, twenty reps
Pullup: Two sets, five reps
Hanging Knee Tucks (leg raise exercise): Two sets, eight-ten reps
Full Bridge: Two sets, five reps
Half-Handstand Pushups: One set, three reps (very difficult)

Progressive calisthenics can be more effective than bench press for adding useful muscle mass if you do it correctly. I follow the 2-1-2 protocol (go very slow) and I have been steadily gaining muscle mass. I was 204# roughly six weeks ago, and now I'm ~215# and leaner. At 6' 2" and an ectomorph, this is a solid gain. I play lock on the rugby field and was recommended for tighthead prop. I can do ~5 pistol squats on a leg but since I'm gaining body weight (rather than losing it), I can't rush anything.
If you follow the logic that very strong men existed before and without modern gyms (Spartans, gladiators, Spetznaz, etc), then it implies that gyms are not really needed for building strength.

On the 2-1-2 protocol (this applies to everything), two seconds down, one second pause (during highest exertion), two seconds back up. I see people at the gym doing "fast reps" with lots of momentum, and it's the stupidest thing you can do. You'll never gain strength or mass if you cheat yourself out of a decent powerstroke. Fast reps are also a great way to get injured.
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02-28-2012 11:06 AM
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RE: Post your workout routine here
walking around Asia with my ipod plugged in... sadly thats all the work out i have been getting in.

i hurt my back in november doing my p90x an havent worked out since, altho for the last 3 weeks my back hasnt hurt at all, so im looking to get back in a gym

Bruising cervix since 96
02-28-2012 11:18 AM
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