12 kids trapped in Thai Cave Complex

Thomas More

Another bump. Great graphic showing the details of the escape route.


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Was it ever actually revealed how on earth those kids got there in the first place ?
I heard all kinds of wild theories like drug use, drug smuggling, human trafficking, even paedophilia.
Still seems impossible to actually get into such a situation by accident.
It was an innocent mishap. The caves are tourist attraction and the local kids regularly would go in on little adventures like little boys do. They got trapped because of an unusually early monsoon rain.

The movie did a good job of explaining all of this pretty simply and it matched the story as it had been reported.

I think its pretty telling that no one blamed the coach who was around 25 at the time and was actually hailed as a hero ( by the boys themselves) for not allowing them to fall into despair. Keep in mind thst they were in there 10 days with no food and just a few flashlights they kept mostly turned off, before the first divers made contact and gave them hope. The coach had them meditating and praying as a team the whole time. The kids were strong for each other...just like soldiers in combat

Pretty remarkable actually