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Holy crap!!!! the federal agency CISA had signed a contract in 2019 for auditing services to battleground states in the 2020 election with VotingWorks; an NGO that is funded by George Soros, Ford Foundation and the MacArthur Foundations utilizing open source software. Red flags should be flying with news of that contract. Think of the possibility of fraud during the individual state voting audits in the 2020 election results.

And that does not even cover the potential fraud possible when VotingWorks started 'assisting' individual states with the mail-in ballot production efforts in April of 2020 under separate contracts with individual states. How about that, nursing an election fraud from 'cradle to grave', from ballot production, distribution, collection, and audit of the tabulation!


Here's hoping Sidney Powell has some ammunition.


I might re-watch Clash of the Titans now.

We know that Sidney really likes leopard print.

If this doesn't work there is going to be a flood of medusa memes :boring:


I always liked Clash of the Titans. Harryhausen was a true great, and this was his swansong, the last stop-motion picture in a tradition that began with the 1935 King Kong. The two Sinbad movies from the 70s are excellent too.
I watched CotT many times as a kid - for some reason - but I haven't seen it since. Sinbad! I had a recording of that one on VHS, from my grandfather. Frustratingly, only 3/4s of the film was recorded :laughter:Now I know the name I will watch the full thing. Thank you! I can't believe it was made in 1958. The special effects, while chuckle-inducing, are immersive enough.

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