2020 Presidential Betting Thread


It's been 15 years since I placed a bet where I've only place a bet about 5 times in my life. I don't see it as a bet but an easy investment (i hope).

$5000 on Trump 1:3.

The only way I can see Biden win is through mail-in ballots fraud and the way Trump handled Covid-19.

Trump's rallies are 1000x bigger than Bidens where he gives hope to the people and inspires them. The Dems/Biden promotes hate and have nothing to offer apart from higher taxes, orange man bad, PC cultural and burning down cities. Trump picked Pence cause he is the best person for the job while Biden only picked Harris cause she is black and a woman (worst person for the job). People know a vote for Biden is a vote for Harris where I haven't met one person that likes her.

Since 2016, so many more people have taken the Red Pill hence have moved to the Right (Republicans). So many more people are sick of PC cultural compare to 2016. I monitor the chat online and there are so many more people with Trump cause most people have woken up to fake news compare to 2016-2017. The Dems really fucked up by allowing BLM/Antifa terrorists to burn down their cities for months this year. Most people I believe will do anything to feel safe where they can't feel safe in these Democrat cities anymore. Fear is a very powerful weapon where if a political party supports terrorists destroying their cities, their supporters are going to jump ship.

Fox News has been leading in viewers since 2017 compare to Fake News. The polls are bullshit cause people are too scared to say they will vote for Trump just like they are too scared to wear a MAGA hat out in public cause they don't want to be attacked by the Leftists mob. Remember, 60-70% of white women voted for Trump in 2016 where most of these women would have told their friends they voted for Hillary.

I predicting a Trump landslide.
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Betting Houses put up numbers to attract money. Maybe they want scared money to hedge and put money on Biden to balance things out.
if they wanted more money on Biden wouldn't they give odds closer to even? unless the better odds make hedgers think he has a better chance? still weird to me
all sites have similar odds

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The state markets are open, yeah, I've been doing those. Thanks everyone either way. I'm sure some non Americans will find it helpful. :)


I've got a bunch of bets on Trump on predictit - overall election and many individual states. Seems like the lines are moving towards Biden and I cant figure out why


I threw some change down on predictit for a larger than expected electoral vote margin for Trump. Can't wait to wake up with some extra change in my pocket


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Stand to make over 2k (before fees/taxes) on PredictIt. Wish I could've bet more honestly (guess I could've with the state markets but I kinda missed out on that, the site won't even load for me right now).