2020 Presidential Betting Thread


What's interesting is that at the time of writing this (2:45 AM ET), as the counting has been stalled, one can still bet on the betting sites at 1.44 on Trump and make a 44% return with a very high probability of winning (unless the Dems rig, cheat and litigate it all the way through to a false victory, but Trump's leads are pretty good)

yup just leaned in a little more its free money


Its almost 4:1 on trump again. Have bettors perhaps, in a fit of panic, overly discounted the odds?

I might load up some more if it reaches 5:1
Surely trump still has at least a 1 in 3 shot here.

I am talking about odds on ftx/poloniex.
~4:1 odds, any of you guys planning on putting a little more $ in for Trump?

Wondering if I'm going through the sunk cost fallacy at this point...


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Most of the bookies here in Australia hedged their bets on the Betfair exchange given the liabilities they'd have to pay out in the event of a trump victory.

This. I used to be a degenerate sports gambler years ago (have steered clear of even occasional recreational bets for about a year now but I digress).... This is the equivalent to betting on a live sporting event as it unfolds. The odds in realtime change like the wind you guys. And as UnW stated, the books will make money if there is equal money on both sides (there is the house fee or "vigorish" that is built into the wager). In this case, there is likely far more money riding on Donald Trump so as UnW stated, if Trump wins, the books will likely lose money. If Biden wins, the books will clean up (and take your money). But now that the odds on Bovada are -500 on Biden as the favorite & +350 on Trump, surely it means the books think that Biden will end up winning this late in the game.
5:1 odds now...I'm just thinking of throwing in another $75 for the heck of it. Already $830 that may be lost so not much of a difference if I lose about ~$900


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Back to +260. I missed the window so put down another $50 now.

Scared money was running away it looks like but is not going back towards Trump.
It was available on bet365 for a brief 30-60 minutes, in the period of the past 1-2 hours. Unfortunately I could not bet more due to bet limits that take 24h to change, I tried to get a friend to bet with my credit card on his account but it won't accept differing credit cards to account names. My friend's credit card companies declined his own deposits due to no gambling rules.
Is anyone signed up to Robert Barnes private locals community? He recently posted a post there that is private to members only. Anyone care to share what he said? I'm curious because his post came exactly as the AZ mistake news broke out, and I'm wondering if he made a recommendation to put more money in.
Bet365 just suspended the betting...final odds before they did were 3.25:1 on Trump, had been fluctuating the whole morning

Update: seems like a temporary suspension, it's back live again with 3.75 for Trump.
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