2020 United States Election Results



Maricopa audits are still going on and DEMs are suing
Theoretically something could happen out of it
Nothing will happen except for Trump to go "SEE I WAS RIGHT!!!". Instead of focusing on building a base for 2024 or for a future movement to be re-invigorated... he's still getting bad advices from his advisers. He's lost the touch with the populist folks like Bannon and not building a ground campaign.

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I am waiting for him to endorse Bruce Jenner for California Gov at this rate.

Really wished he'd have made the Trump TV instead of just chilling in Mara Lago.
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Even if they find some provable, written down evil villain monologue complete with signatures and cackling there is no remedy at this stage. There is ONE reason why this is important. If any fraud can be proven it gives any state legislature with even an ounce of self preservation instinct the ability to clamp down on the mail in ballots.

Of course not all will but it doesn’t hurt.



Maricopa audits are still going on and DEMs are suing
Theoretically something could happen out of it
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I spent a few minutes over to check on this and some Reddit results came up. The reactions are a mix of hysterical whining, “They know there is no fraud and this is just for show!”, and “This is all to justify voter suppression!”.


I will be very disappointed if the right embraces him in 2024. It would be so naive I would question whether those people were on the same side as myself.
Seems like he's the only good choice we have right now until Roosh decides to run for president. ROOSH 2028/2032; Make America Christian Again!


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What most disappoints me about these figures is that they do not translate into real world organization.

For example, close to 40% of people in Connecticut and Rhode Island voted for Trump and a huge proportion of those would also believe the election was stolen.

Where are they? Even outside centers like Hartford and Providence, these people are only usually found in select areas where they feel safe. The rest of the time they are walking past, without any outward indication they are Republicans. Many obviously present as moderate Democrats or apoliticals without saying they are.

Electoral politics can only do so much - conservatives need real-life courage to mingle and talk and organize, even in blue states.