2020 United States Election Results


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I volunteered a couple of months ago to help with the election integrity investigation committee of my local Republican chapter. Unfortunately, they responded by doing like they usually do by immediately calling me up and asking for a donation in order to be able to "fully participate" in the local chapter. They always do that and it always makes me regret volunteering to help them out with anything. Because of that, I haven't actively participated in any of the discussions or meetings, but they put my name into their email and virtual meeting groups anyway, and I've been able to read all the ongoing investigation and discussion.

From what I'm seeing, nationwide, the Republicans are uncovering evidence of absolutely massive voting fraud, even in places where the Democrats didn't need to worry about winning. Items like three-bedroom houses in middle-class neighborhoods recording 16 people voting from that address. Nursing homes that had 100% absentee ballot participation with all the ballots mailed the same day. Irregularities with the voting machines, and not just the Dominion ones.

A number of Republican-sponsored organizations will start filing lawsuits soon. They're under some time pressure because many states have to purge their voting machine databases in preparation for this November's local elections.

I don't think they'll make much headway with the lawsuits, but hopefully it will motivate the Republican-controlled legislatures to make sure they fix the election integrity issues in their states so that it will be harder for the Democrats to do this again in future elections. We'll see how it goes.

I was talking to a middle-aged lady at a local hamburger restaurant who was a Trump supporter. When I mentioned the election fraud issue, she said "Why are the Republicans so reluctant to fix the problem?" Conservative voters in the US evidently aren't happy with how the Republican Party has been treating the voting integrity issue, and are expecting them to step up and get it done, or else it's definitely going to affect conservative voter turnout in future elections.