2022 China COVID Lockdowns - What's going on?


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I'm still convinced that all these endless lockdowns, and concentration camp building is a huge preparation for something else. Either a huge military draft to start an invasion of Taiwan, and/or even start a war with the USA, or an invasion of other parts of south east asia, or as a cover for economic collapse that is coming soon putting millions out of work...or even simply for the full implementation of a cashless society with a digital currency and 100% controlled social credit system.

The Chinese government always plans these huge social projects many years in advance.
It has always been that way since Mao took power in 1949, when he did his great leap forward, and the cultural revolution.
If the government is insisting with this nonsense, then there is obviously an ulterior motive that hasn't been revealed to the public yet.
Godlessness is homelessness.
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Tom Slick

Yeah, I lived there long time as well and was part of an unapproved group, so I always saw the dark side, although I also saw the massive improvements in material wealth, infrastructure, etc.

For me, the new cities and wealth was just a veneer covering the concentration camps, forced abortions, organ harvesting, mass roundups of people of faith, mass roundups of extended families for failure of one person to get sterilized, the Dongzhou Massacre of 2005, and on, and on, and on.

I'm obviously kind of blackpilled on China and I think the only shrewd decision they made was when they were starving to death and literally eating each other, while nearly everyone around them was prospering, so Deng decided to allow Western multi-national corporations, as well as the central bankers to exploit their labor and pour into their country uncountable wealth and all the technological advancements China had missed out on so that it could be used an a test bed to create the grid.

That's really all that happened. The vast majority of the people who were pulled out of poverty were recently put there by the communists anyway, so...

China is hell on earth. Change my mind, lol.

Tom Slick

The technocratic control grid that Western govts and multi-national corporations provided for China to construct for its own citizens was for the ultimate purpose that it could later be re-imported into the West for the completion of the fast-approaching Agenda 2030.

The WHO/WEF covid narrative provided the cover story for the building of "covid quarantine camps" for tens of millions of people, but it's the retarded CCP leadership who pushed too hard and too quickly before everything was ready and unnecessarily sparked these country-wide protests with their over-the-top zero-covid policies.

It would be an extremely consequential mistake for the CCP to react violently to these protests, so it's likely they'll try to let them fizzle out. These protests, especially if they turn violent, would alarm the rest of the people in the world who are following dictates from WHO/WEF, so I'm sure these forces are telling Xi not to go full Tiananmen Square '89 on protestors no matter what.

Considering that the CCP has perhaps over 10 million riot police (different from their military, the PLA) who exist in order to put down protests, which are actually frequent, but disorganized and sporadic in China, it must be quite a dilemma right now not to use them. If they can just wait until the covid camps are completed, they can disappear these people one-by-one with the flick of a switch by turning their smartphone digital passport health QR codes to red.

Mass incidents or riots in China on wiki.