2022 French Presidential Election Thread


France has survived many disasters:
- The Hundred Years' War (total 116 years)
- 50 months of total war on the French territory during World War I
And has recovered from an almost total defeat during World War II.

But will France survive from old feminists with dead brain who vote for Macron because they fantasize about being his old wife?

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Trad Catholic
France is no longer ours since the revolution and the regicide of our Christian King.
France has ruthlessly pursued secularism and the serpentine plan to separate Church and Sate for centuries now. It is the birthplace of the mass genocide of priests during the Jewish Revolution of France, and it was ground zero of the atheist modernists and masons, who ritually humiliated the Catholic Church, until all good bishops and priests fled. Even now, the so-called “conservative” option is a boomer, secular woman, who has done nothing but lose election after election and who stabbed her own father in the back.

France will only be saved when it returns to Christ the King, which, unless God provides clemency, will likely only occur after its destruction.