28 Christian Articles I Recommend


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1. A Guide to Orthodox Liturgical Vestments [Link]

2. Live not be lies [Link]

3. “…before, [Christ] had expressed no sympathy for their uprising, but now He was prepared to endure torture rather than defend the honor of the nation and its future kings with a new miracle.” [Link]

4. The Life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt [Link]

5. How Does God Guide the Church? [Link]

6. Yoga is demonic [Link]

7. How to make your prayer fruitful [Link]

8. “I died and went to hell but Christ sent me back.” [Link]

9. Everyone receives according to his faith [Link]

10. How to pray with a prayer rope [Link]

11. “Only people who truly receive the uncreated energy of the holy cross will be able to stand.” [Link]

12. The sin of charging interest [Link]

13. Outside the Church and without the Church, Christian life is impossible [Link]

14. The Miracle of Saint Euphemia the All-praised [Link]

15. In Christianity in step with the times? [Link]

16. 3 levels of apostasy [Link]

17. “Everything is very simple. Only those who can learn to love will pass this test, because God is Love.” [Link]

18. “Why are you slothful? Why are you wasting the time given to you?” [Link]

19. How can we explain near-death experiences? [Link]

20. “Meekness and humility do not mean spinelessness” [Link]

21. Genesis, the fall, and the nephilim [Part 1 | Part 2]

22. Saint Paisios on God’s providence [Link]

23. The purpose of music is to use it “as an occult medium through which to develop altered states of consciousness, psychic abilities, and contact with the spirit world” [Link]

24. Services of the Daily Cycle [Link]

25. Don’t be a lukewarm Christian [Link]

26. Is it possible to live a holy life in the world? [Link]

27. “Start nothing without prayer, because whatever we do without prayer later turns out to be futile or harmful” [Link]

28. Do Not Resent, Do Not React, Keep Inner Stillness [Link]

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The state of spiritual self-gratification, or indifference, is terrible. It closes one off to the healing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. When those who should be followers of Christ say, we have need of nothing – that is nothing of the grace filled guidance of the Holy Fathers and the life of the Holy Spirit – for we have already been filled with the riches, that is the knowledge, of this world.
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16. 3 levels of apostasy [Link]
This essay from Orthodox Word 1986 is truly prophetic. It is one of the most sobering pieces I have ever read.
Archbishop Averky is a blessing. Here's a thread on him:


Orthodox Inquirer
You may still disagree with Yoga, but at least give an informed discussion, and not the western version (Instagram women in tights with lots of lululemon gear). Bhakti Yoga is a spiritual view of love between the soul & God, similar to the Song of Songs. I am not saying therefore this is good for "Christians", but you look foolish to attempt a universal definition of yoga and "Hinduism." Even my own definitions are limited, ignorant, and wrong. In "India" there is no such thing as "religion" or "Hinduism" and western yoga is a bizarre import into America that should be rejected for so many reasons (it's mass produced vice ridden trash that is spiritually devoid of all truth & the origins in America are totally disedifying).

Much of what passes for "orthodoxy" today would condemn a wide range of our saints who never went to liturgies (all the true monastics of the early centuries), who thought very differently about God, and spoke of Universal Salvation. We still have this imperial mindset that is not the mindset of the Apostles & Fathers. Constantine, Innocent III, and Charlemagne did enormous damage to the truth. If reading & taking on philosophy from "India" is wrong, then why was is right for the Fathers to wholesale adopt a vast array of "pagan" and "hellenistic" beliefs & images directly into Christianity? If syncretism is wrong, we need to scrub our liturgies, saints, icons, and theology of a wide range of outside influences. Orthodoxy is no more than a fiction in the way that it is defined today & I believe Orthodoxy was never in the past believed exactly in the way it is now believed today.

Christianity, like Hinduism, and like Tao, is best described as "The Way" rather than some hierarchy and going to liturgies. I'm not suggesting that it's all the same or that we should blend "religions", but at least speak intelligently about others and listen and learn rather than continuing on the path of heresy hunting & condemning everything that is not Orthodoxy as you define it. I'm against the modern American yoga movement, but for reasons totally different than the way you've presented.
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