35 Christian Articles I Recommend


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1. A century-old plan to destroy Christianity is coming to fruition [Link]

2. Teachings on pride from the Church Fathers [Link]

3. “Christianity and socialism strive for different things; they are as opposite as fire and water.” [Link]

4. The importance of obedience [Link]

5. The spiritual decline of America [Link]

6. Lessons from a 96-year-old nun [Link]

7. Through the sacrament of marriage you create a “little church” [Link]

8. Without repentance, we cannot be saved [Link]

9. When should you disobey church hierarchy? [Link]

10. Humility is saintly [Link]

11. “No system of man can eradicate sin and evil” [Link]

12. Five spiritual lessons from coronavirus [Link]

13. Saint Païsios: The Humility of a Priest who Performed Miracles [Link]

14. “Anything that can make our heart humble, crushed and able to relate with the God of mercy and every consolation is beneficial” [Link]

15. “A man has all his strength up to forty years. He can still dream, climb mountains, and so on. Then body parts start giving out; this means it’s time for him to prepare.” [Link]

16. “We have fewer churches now; but you must be a church of God yourself. If access to many holy places has become limited, become a holy place and a living icon yourself.” [Link]

17. A man called Jesus [Link]

18. The Hand of the Beast [Link]

19. “What began in Russia will be finished in the West” [Link]

20. Christians in Times of Epidemic, Then and Now [Link]

21. “The mindfulness of death is the greatest wisdom.” [Link]

22. Sorry, but your soul just died [Link]

23. St. John Chrysostom on the upbringing of children [Link]

24. Stories from Abbess Xenia [Link]

25. “The mentality of today’s Christians is completely distorted” [Link]

26. Church Should Be Your Excuse for Missing Everything Else [Link]

27. Why does church have so many old ladies? [Link]

28. A story of divine providence [Link]

29. Catholic analysis of the movie Groundhog Day [Link]

30. Catholics are withdrawing into a more traditional form of worship [Link]

31. What’s the difference between humility and pride? [Link]

32. The signs of a correct spiritual life [Link]

33. “The most precious thing in the world is to know God and understand His will, even if only in part” [Link]

34. “If you do not feel pity for the sinner destined to suffer the pains of hellfire, it means that the grace of the Holy Spirit is not in you, but an evil spirit” [Link]

35. Guidance on the Jesus Prayer [Link]

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