5G Towers


What are they planning to do with these towers? I am noticing these go up literally everywhere.


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Is there a simple description of what 5G is for a non-technical person such as myself? I hear a lot about it causing cancer and hiking up prices for devices and such, but I’ve never been able to research a clear, unbiased definition for what it’s all about and why it’s being pushed so hard to the masses? What are the pros and cons?


When all this craziness started last year, I thought of the push for 5G, in the sense that life is going to be lived virtually, and the networks need to be faster. So I do think that was one of the motivations behind the "stay-at-home" movement, and why Microsoft/Bill Gates is behind a lot of it (yes depop too).

To be honest, I don't think it causes most, if any, of the things the more paranoid of us believe it does; just as people can scoff and say "the vaccine doesn't have a microchip, idiot" because THAT'S TRUE, we are talking about chipping down the road, right now tracking and health passports are the issue. The danger with 5G is the loss of physicality with the world.

Think of it this way: once it was common for people to live in tribes, and then to live at least near each other, while certain technology enables us to think we don't need to. Mass immigration tore a lot of strong family bonds apart, while making us more atomized. People are actively encouraged to leave families or hometowns in search of Better Opportunities. Most American families are not close at all, and it got worse in the last half of the 20th century. Childcare and eldercare is outsourced, home activities are outsourced, etc. It is not normal to just pop in to visit someone (unless you are really, really good friends woth them), while this was once the case.

So I think faster networks will just lead to more and more of this. (Or I could be wrong, it really causes cancer, or it doesn't do squat, what do I know?) I try to think of things in terms of how they will affect day-to-day living. I already see how the younger zoomers can't interact with the world around them, it's almost like an artificial autism.