7 Steps To Stop Heart Palpitations (And Improve Digestion)


Excellent article Roosh.

This is very close to what I was experiencing last year. I got random palps each day after lunch, just sitting down to watch TV. The never-ending lock-downs brought out the lazy in me.

Beyond the sitting down issue, I deduced that I had the same palp issue crop up after I started eating a chocolate protein shake mix for lunch last year. Seemed that there was something in the shake mix which was causing this. I removed the mix from my shakes and a few months later no more palps. Many of the shakes have stuff in them which can cause this, it's all over the body building forums.

PSA, please watch out with long-term acid reflux, which can lead to lower esophageal cancer, for which there is no cure and is more common that we think. Keep your stomach acids in check if you have reflux. Some years ago I started having reflux so bad it would cause terrible vagus nerve irritations which can feel like a heart attack up to your shoulder, FYI.

The Magnesium capsule link is good from Amazon, but note you can get nearly the same Magnesium dosage pills from Costo called "Kirkland Signature Calcium Citrate Magnesium and Zinc, 500 Tablets". Yeah, it's not exactly, the same, but check the labels and decide for yourself.

+Just say no to caffeine and everyone should do more walking! I am up to 7 miles a day in 2021 and I feel great!


Since you figured out seed oils, the importance of chewing, and the barreness of modern food production, I look forward to you discovering the joys of fermented food, long fasts like Lent and Nativity suddenly can be done without gas issues and without all the problems from antinutrients in beans and other plants. In my case it also solved body odor issues I had during Lent in particular. I'm almost at the point where I will only eat veggies/legumes if they're fermented. My wife even ferments rice and it's had a massive positive effect too.
Great article Roosh. I'm surprised to hear this is a common problem as I have had these off and on mysteriously. I also found magnesium to help and caffeine to greatly exacerbate them. I also found lack of sleep and stress to contribute. I agree it is a very scary feeling to have the organ responsible for keeping you alive ostensibly malfunctioning.