80's/90's Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul & Funk Thread


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I'm loving this thread!

One of my favorites: L.O.T.U.--Chief Rocka

This shit still gets me hyped to this day: Onyx--Slam

Tribe--Midnight Marauders is my all time fave. I can listen to it over and over again. Here's Award Tour

Great tune and gotta love the message: Main Source--Lookin' at the front door.

This one's for the RVF: Naughty by Nature--O.P.P.

Five video limit, oops! Had to cut a few out.

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With all this Fergusson nonsense going on, lets take the time machine for a little dose of Afrocentricity and soul. This was the rough 70's and early Reaganomics, yet African Americans found the time and peace to make this sweet music; surely it can be duplicated in the modern day. I present the O'Jays...



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Fat titties turn to teardrops as fat ass turns to flab
Sores that was open wounds eventually turn to scab
Trees bright and green turn yellow brown
Autumn caught em, see all them leaves must fall down, growing old


Surprised nobody posted this one yet:

Heard this on the radio yesterday afternoon, goes back to 1982, even before my time.

This takes me back to Century Club ~1999-2000.


One of the best is Ice Cube, Today was a Good Day, glad to say somebody beat me to it on this thread already.
There's still good stuff out there, it just isn't promoted or out there in the mainstream. Beats are getting a hell of a lot better then they were in the 90's also.



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And I grew up in a roller rink


this video/album, and nirvanna, literally changed music overnight


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Incredible - still relevant - ground breaking - phenominal - the 1990's anthem

They made a comeback recently, for good reason, this was this shit!

Good stuff

Did you like Goodie Mob
Nice bump. Here's a thread I can really contribute to, I live for this shit!

Zapp: More Bounce To The Ounce

Black Machine: How Gee

Not 90's but not long after. A little know Cee-Lo gem. Video is gold:
Gettin Grown

Also back end of the 90's, but Lucy Pearl really laid it down with:
Don't Mess With My Man

more to come....
This one should be a forum anthem....
Naughty By Nature: Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Favourite Snoop Dog: Gin N Juice
"Snoop Doggy Dogg, need to get a jobby job"

Some classic 70's funk. Cymande: Brothers on The Slide

Dennis Coffey: Ride Sally Ride. Fuck yes. Check the guitar work here...
Marvin Gaye: T Plays It Cool

Al Green: Simply Beautiful

the only kind of fat acceptance i'll allow...
Heavy D & The Boyz: The Overweight Lover's In The House

and another from the fat man (the bitches in this clip....dayum!)
Heavy D & The Boyz: Nuttin But Love

1 more. RIP HD.
Heavy D & The Boyz: Mr. Big Stuff