80's/90's Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul & Funk Thread



(when this song was getting airplay, they took out the first minute.)

Only in the early 90s could black gospel get airplay on pop stations. No, it's not hip-hop, R&B, etc. in the strict sense, but back when these were on the radio, they were considered as such.


ah yeah. Reading this thread was a trip through memory lane.

My first bonerfied slow dance was to this song. It was more like dry-humping on the school gymnasium floor, but still... I was so smooth.

As soon as my kids are grown I'm getting myself a mink rug


aaaand I'm a
Funk & Soul brothers, reconvene.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist play the records of Africa Bambaataa. One of the greatest live shows i've ever had the privilege of. Video has been released.

Relax, unwind, roll a blunt, put on yo dancing shoes & enjoy...

The Renegades Of Rhythm Tour